500th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing Honor Roll

The Z Square 7 Crew
Z Square 7 Crew Families
Z Square 7 Crew Cemeteries.
Missing Air Crew Report
Z Square 7 Crew Military Funeral
Memorial Lt Eugene M. Thomas Jr (Marion, Al)
Memorial Lt Francis X. Glacken (Cambridge, MA)
Memorial Lt Norman B. Bassett (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
Marcia Bassett McGrattan
Memorial Sgt George P. Demers (Lynn, MA)
Memorial Sgt George P. Demers (Lynn, MA)
Peter & Lillian Demers/Charlotte (Demers) Fiasconaro
Memorial Sgt Louis A. Dorio (Clarksville, VA)
POW-MIA-KIA Ceremony
500th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing Honor Roll
Bill Mauldin With Willie And Joe
Father John McBride
S/Sgt Kenneth O. Eslick with Photo Album
Sgt Jesse S. Klein. 41-13180
Frank Farr & Merseburg, Germany
"Lili Marlene" The Song!
"Lili Marlene" The B-17
"Lily Marlene" The B-24
"Lili Marlene" The B-24
Ivan Fail Introduction and "Long Before The Guns And Tanks."
Ivan Fail's "Tribute to the Queen"
American Battle Monuments Commission - Cemeteries
American Battle Monuments Commission - Memorials
M/Sgt Roy P. Benavidez, Vietnam Medal Of Honor
Frank Farr Poetry "November 2, 1944", "Old Men And The War", " Merseburg"
Some Pictures of World War 2
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Pages Introduction
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Crew Index
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 1
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 2
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 3
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 4
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 5
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 6
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 7
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 8
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 9
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 10
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 11
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 12
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 13
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 14
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 15
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 16
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 17
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 18
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 19
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 20
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 21
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 22
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 23
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 24
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page 25
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - B29 Superfortress
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - B26 Marauder
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - B25 Mitchell
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - B24 Liberator
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - B17 Flying Fortress
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - C87 Liberator Express
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - PBM-5 Mariner
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - A20 Havoc Attack Bomber
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - C47 Transport
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - P61 Black Widow
Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Page - A26 Invader
Ivan Fail's "The Tuskegee Airmen"
Airmen Medal Of Honor Memorial
Memorial Page #1
Memorial Page #2
Memorial Page #3
Memorial Page #4
Memorial Page #5
Memorial Page #6
The Navajo Code Talkers & Native American Medals Of Honor
Ivan Fail's "D Day, The Normandy Invasion"
B-29 Crew Positions & Specifications
About The Book
C. Clayton Thompson Bookseller
Ivan Fail's "When The Mustangs Came"
Ivan Fail "The Eighteen Wheeler's Hymn"
Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building with photo album
Ivan Fail's "Against All Odds - Mission Complete"
Ford Tolbert by Sallyann
Ford Tolbert Pictures
A Tribute to Lt Raymond "Hap" Halloran
Lt Raymond "Hap" Halloran
Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, USMC, The Black Sheep Squadron
Lt Halloran Eulogy for Colonel Boyington
Omori POW Camp
Ivan Fail's "A Salute To Lt. Holguin"/ "Shoo Shoo Baby"
Great Bend, Kansas B-29 Memorial
General Lemay's biography including a B-29 nose art photo album
March 9 and 10, 1945 Over Tokyo
Lt "Hap" Halloran on March 10, 1945
General Earl Johnson
General Earl Johnson Biography
313th Bomb Wing Mining Missions
Lt Robert Copeland, copilot, Z Square 8
Pyote Bomber Base With A Photo Album
History of "Diamond Lil" With A Photo Album
History of "FIFI" With A Photo Album
"Hap" Halloran induction Combat Airman Hall of Fame
Blackie Blackburn with a photo album
Hap's Memorable Flight On FIFI
C. Douglas Caffey, A WW2 Veteran, Book Of Poetry
C. Douglas Caffey Collection Of Poetry
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C. Douglas Caffey on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
C. Douglas Caffey With More on PTSD
C. Douglas Caffey Memorial Day Flying The Flag
C. Douglas Caffey Saying Goodbye To America
Pearl Harbor with Photo Album
The Pacific Theater
Battle of Saipan, Mariana Islands
Saipan Medals of Honor
Battle of Tinian, Mariana Islands
Tinian Medals of Honor
Battle of Guam, Mariana Islands
Guam Medals of Honor
Battle of Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima Medals of Honor
Cpl Ira Hayes, USMC
Battle of Okinawa
Okinawa Medals of Honor
Japanese Surrender
Navy Ships At Surrender Ceremonies
Ivan Fail's "The Saga Of The Superfortress"
Ivan Fail's "The Silent Sentries"
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Thank you Bill Copeland  for providing this important file!

500th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing 
Unofficial List of Missing in Action and Killed Personnel    
With Name and Address of Next of Kin
Abel, Robt R          Marguerite Abel, 214 F Street, Taft, Calif
Aitken, Glendon M.  Harold M. Aitken, 28 Archibald St. Carbondale, Pa.
Bergren, Wm E         Helen Bergren, Willow Creek, Mont
Berry, Marion E       Margaret Caroline Rockwell, Rt 1, Tieton, Wash
Bjerva, Myron C       Marcus A Bjerva, Kenyon, Minn
Blakely, Alton E      Versie O Blakely, Rt 1, Snyder, Tex
Bond, Jas C           Vera M Bond, 716 West Lewis Place, Tulsa, Okla
Bonelli, Gerald H     Mary Bonelli, 107 University Rd, Brookline, Mass
Boren, Admer N C      Mrs Standiford Boren, 316 El Rio Ave, Modesto, Calif
Bradford, Sam H       Robt Bradford, Albany, Tex
Braziel, Homer C      Sibyl J Braziel, Pearl, Texas
Brittain, Chas E   Lillian M Brittain, 411 N Washingto St,Eldorado,Ks
Brousek, Erwin A      Lillian R Brousek, 3608 W 26th St, Chicago, Ill
Brown, Sherman E      Lucile Fost, Cedar Lake, Ind
Brown, Verdel         Ellna Brown, Guntersville, Ala
Buller, Welter P      Nettle Buller, 2027 Jefferson St, Eugene, Ore
Burns, Thos J         Catherine V Burns, 4333 N 17th St, Phila, Pa
Bussell, Paul E           Helen M Bussell, 711N E St, Greenfield, Ind
Campbell, Barry S  Diane H Campbell, 3278 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Calif
Cheffin, Geo N, Jr        Gee M Chaffin, Sr, Rt 2, La Rue, Tex
Charters, John F      Mrs John F Charters, 801 Washington Blvd, Oak Park, Ill
Clore, Robt B         Blanche Clore, 830 N Union St, Fostoria, O
Cohen, Clarence           Nettle Romanoff, 693 Alabama Ave, Brooklyn 7, N Y
Connell, Richard L        Wenzel L Connell, 7113 16th Ave, Kenosha, Wis
Conte, Joseph P           Erminia Conte, 1123 W 43 St, Ashtabula, O
Cookson, Robt D           Daisy C Cookson, 420 Cross St, Uhrichsville, O
Copeland, Robt E      Norma Fern Copeland, 218 3d St, Lewiston, Idaho
Copher, Gee T         Marjorie Copher, 128 Cleveland St, Milford, O
Corbett, Francis M        Margaret J Corbett, 76 Fountain St, Medford, Mass
Corrigan, James P     Rose Corrigan, 320 Ridge St, Freeland, Pa
Crane, Robt N         Dorothy A Crane, 4321 56th St, Woodside LI, N Y
Cusick, Jas B         Gladys D Delzell, Laurenceville, Ind
Cutler, John L            Iva H Cutler, Jasper, O
Dreyer, Paul E            Geneva P Dreyer, Braddock Rd, Cumberland, Md
Danielson, Glen E     Alforetta Danielson, 132 1/2 W 8th St, Russell, Kans
Davenport, Louis      Graine Davenport, 1708 E Thomas, Milwaukee, Wis
Demers, Geo A         Lillian Demers, 82 Hall St, Lynn, Mass
Dorio, Louis A            Mary Dorio Salddicco, 90 Park Ave, White Plains, N Y
Edwards, Benjamin F       Erleene G Edwards, Box 4 Rt 4, Bastrop, La
Eaton, Merle S            Marilyn Eaton, 936 19th St, Merced, Calif
England, Henry            Maude Biroc, 288 Woodbine St, Teaneck, N J
Engle, Robt           Lovina M Engle, 162 North 4th E St, Price, Utah
Estes, John C         John M Estes, Box 104, Winfield, Ala
Evans, Robt P         Mary Evens, Littleton, W Va
Fernandez, Frank      Betty Lee Fernandez, 2905 Tamps St, Tempa, Fla
Fisher, Robt          Hazel Fisher, Grand Tower, Ill
Fitzgerald, Robt J        Alice P Fitzgerald, 50 N Van Dien Ave, Ridgewood, N J
Fleming, Clifford M       Joyce W Fleming, 1807 Les Fond Ave, St Paul, Minn
Flynn, Donald P           Rachel D Flynn, 59 W 9th St, Oswego, N Y
Forrest, Emery A      Betta Forrest, Arrowsmith, Ill
Frank, Wm F           Anna Frank, Rt 2 Box 15, Vernon, Tex
Franklin, Loyd W      Joe R Franklin, 108 Huntsman Ave, Lexington, Tenn
Gay, John E           Dorothy J P Gay, W 2528 Walton, Spokane, Wash
Gendelman, Irwin      Abraham Gendelman, 1634 Lexington Ave, N Y, N Y
Gerhardt, David R     Bessie S Gerhardt, 2020 Clifton Ave, Springfield, O
Giddings, Gerould L  Dorothy L Giddings, 45 Taconic Ave, Great Barrington, Mass
Gilbreath, Eugene E   Josephine P Gilbreath, 512 S Welter St, Albuquerque, N M
Glacken, Francis L    Dorothy Ann Glacken,1590 Centre St,NewtonHighlands,MA
Goffery, Thos M           Margaret Goffery, 140 Foxall St, Ridgewood, Queens, N Y
Goldsworthy, Robt F       Jean I Goldsworthy, Thornton, Wash
Goulooze, John J      Fern Goulooze, 1506 Cole Ave NE, Grand Rapid, Mich
Granger, Robt         Edna J Granger, Rt 3 Box 1134, Pendleton, Oregon
Grise, Chas G         Wylma P Grise, 5305 Claremont St, Houston, Texas
Grow, Lynn N          Mary Ellen Grow, 1532 Monroe, Denver, Cole
Hain, Wm H            Isabelle F Hain, 106 Gordon St, Pittsburgh, Pa
Hansen, Harold M      Janet E Hansen, 21 Delisle Ave, Toronto, Canada
Hardy, Donald E           Betty Hardy, 424 Baker, Salina, Kans
Hargrove, Forrest M       Mildred L Hargrove, Rt 4, Holdenville, Okla
Headley, Wm C         Chas J Headley, RFD, Augusta, N J
Hedges, Harold T      Zora Bell Hedges, Rt 8 Box 314, Oklahoma City, Okla
Hicks, Chas F         Margaret Hicks, 927 N Washington St, Baltimore, Md
Hocker, Beverly A     Alfreda M Robinson, 145 El Medio St, Venture, Calif
Hodson, Kenneth F     Margaret Hodson, 170 N Harvey Ave, Oak Park, Ill
Holley, David W           Dorothy Holley, 818 9th St NW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Holmes, Theodore B        Josephine B Holmes, 15 Florence Ave, Medford, Oregon
Hopper, Ray F         Josephine Hopper, Box 30, Marion, Oregon
Hughes, Leonard I     Donna J Hughes, 286 Howland St, Battle Creek, Mich
Hunt, Geo W           Vivian M Hunt, 415 West Main St, Prescott, Ark
Hunt, Karl            George A Hunt, Box 32, Shapleigh, Maine
Hurlbutt, Wilbur E        Edith A Hurlbutt, Ontario, N Y
Irvin, Joseph R           Rose H Irvin, Gen Del, Warner Robins, Ga
Irvine, Jessie J      Leola May Irvine, 224 W Ist St, El Dorado, Texas
Isza, Albert D            Helen S Cardiff, 1145 N Freemont, So Bend, Ind
Janecek, Robt         Helen S Janecek, 2978 E 59th St, Cleveland, Ohio
Johnson, Jas E            Clara H Johnson, Rt 3, Carbinville, Ill
Johnson, Richard C        Glee Steuffner, 2117 S Spaulding, Los Angeles, Calif
Johnson, Wm R         Hazel Johnson, 117 Salem St, Dayton, Ohio
Johnston, Melvin L        Margaret K Johnston, 518 Payson Ave, Quincy, Ill
Jones, Morris S           Mettle J Jones, Rt 2 Box 123, Graham, N C
Judd, Ausbon          Idella C Judd, Donansburg, Ky
Kaufman, Russell L        Selina Kaufman, 5950 Locust St, Phila, Pa
Kehrer, Joseph A      Rose Kehrer, 717 Davenport, Iowa City, Iowa
Kerschner, Elmer R        Mary Kerschner, 1505 Grove St, Windber, Pa
King, Richard T, Jr       Mrs Richard T King Jr, Apt "L" Mirasol Hotel, Tampa, Fla
King, Robt E          Rhea King, 6165 Corrites, Long Beach, Calif
Kingsley, Charles R       Mrs C A Kingsley, 438 E Market St, Celina, Ohio
Komocar, Maurice R        Mary Komocar, 2645 S Drake Ave, Chicago, Ill
Kottke, Wm F          Maude E Kottke, 905 Woodward Ave, Akron 10, Ohio
Kramer, Albert T      Helen Kramer, 148 Garfield Ave, Jersey City, N J
Kutchera, Jack A      Irma A Kutchera, 2975 A N 17th St, Milwaukee, Wis
Lane, Elijah G            Elijah G Lane, 434 King St, Charleston, S C
Law, Ed G             John C Law, Glare, Iowa
Limp, John M          Sylvia Limp, Skidmore, Missouri
Lindgram, Lawrence F      Minnia Rawls, Natalbany, La
Luman, Robt D         Virginia Welch Luman, 511 E 3rd St, Montgomery, Ala
Mahar, Thos G         Sarah Mahar, 1674 72d St, Brooklyn, N Y
Maiorana, Tony J      Carmella Maiorana, 816 Daisy St, Clearfield, Pa
Marshall, Jas A           Dorothy Marshall, 1342 6th St NW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Martinson, Jack S     Freda E Martinson, 707 E Front St, Missoula, Mont
McBride, Howard E     Joyce E McBride, 10 June St, Palm City, Calif
McClure, Wm H         Emma McClure, 8006 Maryland Ave, Chicago, Ill
McEvoy, Thos E            Lydia McEvoy, 2637 Y, Lincoln, Nebraska
McGrath, Harry E      Annette McGrath, 4207 W Hirsch St, Chicago, Ill
McGuire, T H          Josephine W McGuire, % J L Watson, Saffordville, Ken
McMillen, Harry E     Mabel McMillen, 152 Linmar Homes, Aliquippa, Pa
McNeill, Leonard T        Melba M McNeill, 1020 Elmwood St, Orlando, Fla
Mears, Harry L            Margaret Ann Mears, 122 E Ryon Ave, Pleasantville, N J
Meuller, Jack O           John Meuller, 4727 W Van Burn St, Chicago, Ill
Miller, Dillon G      John Miller, 1024 Trilby St, Birmingham, Ala
Miller, Russell A     Lula A Miller, 414 S 5th St, Richmond, Ind
Mitchell, Arthur W        Lillian Mitchell, 9 Freeman St, W Orange, N J
Mitchell, Bishop K        Dovie M Griffith, 1899 7th St, Lubbock, Texas
Montgomery, Fred M        Wylie L Montgomery, Box 611, Avinger, Tex
Moore, Thos J         Jeanette M Moore, Rt 2 Box 369, Okla City, Okla
Moores, Wm L, Jr      La Verne Moores, 219 W Florence Ave, Downey, Calif
Morton, Alfred J      Charlotte L Morton, Cherry Valley, N Y
Mosier, Gerald L      Nellie F Masteller, Box 255, Waverley, N Y
Mullen, Marcus A      Dorothy Mullen, 1036 W End, Franklin, Tenn
Musil, Anthony J      Clark Musil, 5130 Fowler Ave, Cleveland, O
Myers, Maurice            Iris W Myers, Rt 1, Souderton, Pa
Nead, Robt H          Harry W Nead, 416 Warlord, Ferry, Iowa
Nelson, Robt W            Betty E Nelson, Minneapolis, Fans
Nettum, Jerome M      Oliver Nettum, 329 Robert St, Ft Atkinson, Wis
Nighan, Joseph P      Helen Nighan, 1141 2nd St, N Catasauqua, Pa
Northcutt, Wm F           Leon D Northcutt, 115 Young, Longview, Tex
O'Hara, Edwin R           Helen A O'Hara, Meyersville Rd, Chatham, N J
O'Milian, Felix P     Stephen O'Milian, 54-22 72nd St, Maspeth L I, N Y
Oliphant, Robt E      Mary L Oliphant, 6439 N Levitt St, Chicago, I11
Pasternak, Thaddeus J     Mary Pasternak, 24 Bliss St, Chicopee Falls, Mass
Patukula, Waiter J        Anna P Patukula, 720 Ohio Ave, Trenton, N J
Pavey, Glen E         Lulu M Pavey, 1140 N 5th St, Salem, Ore
Perriman, Otis L      Pauline F Perriman, 1012 S Stockton Ave, Ada, Okla
Phillips, Robt G      Florence H Phillips, 1013 Main St, Antioch, Ill
Pierson, Eugene E     Margie Pierson, 233 Sheridan, Minneapolis, Minn
Poole, Wm C           Mary Frances Poole, 304 Emma St, Ft Worth, Texas
Porjesz, Kurt         Harriet Porjesz, 12 Pinehurst Ave, N Y, N Y
Porter, Samuel B      Samuel B Porter, 802 Beech St, Kenova, W Va
Pringle, HP           Dawna Pringle, Afton, Wyoming
Rainey, Geo Y         Barbara T Rainey, 109 E San Marine, Los Angeles, Calif
Regnier, Calvin W     Alms Mae Regnier, 1222 Cumberland, Little Rock, Ark
Renner, August C      Minnie Renner, 2021 Academy, Dearborn, Mich
Reynolds, Eugene B        C B Amold, % Boninion Natl Bank, Briston, Va
Richmond, Raymond C       Alberta C Richmond, Rt 3, Procter, W Va
Robbins, Roy E            Merle W Robbins, Box 1, Pontotoe, Miss
Roberts, Frank A      Virginia Roberts, 1010 Carter Hill Rd, Montgomery, Va
Rogers, Robt L            Alvin J Rogers, Rt 2, Foss, Okla
Rognier, Calvin W     Alma Mae Rognier, 1222 Cumberland, Little Rock, Ark
Rosenthal, Morris D       Joseph M Rosenthal, St Francisville, La
Rouse, Geo C, Jr      Geo C Rouse, 503 Valusia, Daytona Beach, Fla
Rucker, Carmon B      Helen Rucker, 218 Grittenden St, Arkadelphia, Ark
Ryalls, Wm L          Bonnie Ryalls, 1206 Cascade, Hood River, Ore
Sadler, Robt M            Lora F Sadler, 4009 N Randolph St, Phoenix, Ariz
Salaz, Clyde B            Carmen R Salaz, Genl Del, El Cajon, Calif
Samarel, Isaac            Grace P Samarel, Quintant Roo 17, Mexico C, Mexico
Samuelson, Stanley H      John W Shields, 187 Gilman St, Bridgeport, Conn
Schmitz, Edwin P      Ruth J Schmitz, % Chris Thelson, Rt 8, Lafayette, Ind
Schroder, Urban J     William F Schroder, 4546 W 6th St, Cincinnati, O
Schroeder, Harold O       Esther Schroeder, RFD 1, Appleton, Wis
Sewell, Robt S            Lavonia S Sewell, 271 Furr Ave, San Antonio, Tex
Shannon, Clay D           Clarence D Shannon, Mt Grove, Mo
Shinn, Elwyn M            Ava Shinn, Box 506, Grand Saline, Texas
Shippee, Frederick        Elizabeth T Shippee, 902 Grove St, Worcester, Mass
Schulman, Wm          Jacob Schulman, 421 N Stanley Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Simonson, Clinton W  Frances W Simonson, 4101 Monument Ave, Richmond, Va
Slater, John F            Belie F Slater, 4475 W Pine Blvd, St Louis, Mo
Steinberg, Richard F      Wm H Steinberg, 129 Lafayette Ave, Passaic, N J
Stephens, Louis           Elizabeth S Stephens, 26 Park St, Central Falls, R I
Stoehr, Ed H          Ida Stoehr, 1814 Exchange Ave, E St Louis, Ill
Sullivan, Robt J      Catherine Sullivan, 910 Bellevue Ave, Syracuse, N Y
Swanson, Max J            Caroline Swanson, Henry, Nebr
Thomas, Eugene M Jr       Margaret Lee Thomas, 834 Chestnut St, Gadsden, Ala
Thompson, Donald G        Guy L Thompson, 75 W Genessee St,Baldwinsville,N Y
Thompson, Harry W     Thelma M Thompson, 1009 Logan Ave, S Boston, Va
Truesdell, Glenn C        Jean E Trusdell, 17 Battle St, Arlington, Mass
Van Amburg, Chas      Hester Van Amburgh, 2116 Naomi Ave, Arcasia, Calif
Van Dever, Donald J       Henry C Van Dever, 1814 10th St, Wichita Falls, Tex
Voik, John R          Helen Volk, 17 Fulton St, Patterson, N J
Wallace, Floyd C      Ruth E Wallace, 1609 Linden, Des Moines, Iowa
Warde, Henry H            Lillian B Warde, 106 Linden Ave, Arlington, N J
Weiser, Chas R            Helen Weiser, 221W Oak St, Orrville, O
Wells, Carl T         Carl T Wells, Portageville, Mo
Wilmoth, Frederick L      Hazel Wilmoth, 8 Salisburg St, Meyersdale, Pa
Witten, Benjamin B        Rose D Witten, 174 Rosette, New Haven, Conn
Wendrasek, Jerome J       Jacquelyn D Wondrasek, 147 W Louther St,Carlisle, Pa
Wong, Gorden W            Ed Wong, Box 444, Boise, Idaho
Wood, Eugene B            Davie Wood, Richland Springs, Tex
Woods, Stephen J    Stephen Woods142-39 N HempsteadTurnpike,Flushing LI,NY
Wray, Ruben A         Artie W Wray, Rt 1, Tiptonville, Tenn
Wright, John A            Janet S Wright, 23 Echo Grove Ave, Lynn, Mass
Wright, John J            John C Wright, 160 Broadway, Newburgh, N Y
Yanik, Frank J            Mary E Yanik, 1532 Newport Ave, Northampton, Pa
Young, Howell R           Marion C Young, 1104 Danube St, Houston, Tex
Young, Norman L           Mary H Young, 376 Warren St, Flint, Mich
Young, Leland B           Bessie D Young, 1107 W Melwood St, Houston, Tex

Members of the 500th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing

Asker, Thomas H, Florence, S D
Abbes, John Thomas, 316 S Garland Ave, Youngstown, O
Abegg, Mauricei Lothaire, Box 365 Rt 5, Tucson, Ariz
Abegg, Joseph B, Box 519 Rt 5,.Tucson, Ariz
Abelson, Edward S, 643 West End Ave, New York, N Y
Abramowitz, Morris, 322 1/2 Market St, Venice, Calif
Abreu, Melvin H, 846 10th Ave, Honolulu, H I
Abromats, Geo E, 3121 Terrace St, Pittsburg 13, Pa
Ack, Isadore, 2186 Walton Ave, Bronx 53, New York, N Y
Ackerknecht, Wm John, 346 Wilson Ave, Waukesha, Wis
Adams, Anthony A, 19 Amanda St, Pittsburgh 10, Pa
Adams, Chas F, Pine Plains, New York, N Y
Adams, Jack C, 243 Kemma Dr, S Charleston, W Va
Adams, Willis A, 5003 16th Ave, Chattanooga, Tenn
Adamson, Herbert, 54 S 2nd East, Brigham City, Utah
Adamson, Norman F, 503 E Thomas, Seattle, Wash.
Addorisio, Joseph, 34 Beekman St, Fitchburg, Mass
Agee, Kenneth W, 346 N Palm Dr, Beverly Hills. Calif
Agee, Wm H, Raymondville, Mo
Ahrens, Donald W, Box 72, Goodenow, Ill
Akula, Wm G, 5806 Snyder Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Alderman, John E, 1233 Sherman St, Denver, Cole
Alderman, Wm E Jr, 422 E Church St, Oxford, O
Alender, Howard C, 3539 Elmley Ave, Baltimore, Md
Alexandert Elmo W, Parker, Kans
Alexander, Robert W, Rt 2, China Grove, N C
Alexander, Stuart H, Rt 1, Welder, N Y
Alfieri, Frank T, 82 Union St, Lawrence, Mass
Alford, Carter H, Clarksburg, Ind
Alford, Jack D, P O Box 146, Winfield, Ala
Allan, Floyd G, 312 N Lorraine Ave, Wichita, Kans
Alien, Adrian R, 906 West 7th St, Cisco, Tex
Alien, Jack.D, Box 102,Magee, Miss
Alien, Galen 0, 2572 N 20th St, Milwauker?, Wis
Alien, Wm E, 313 Quincy St, Long Beach, Calif
Althoff, Robert E, 1203 Kelly St, Indianapolis 3, Ind
Altott, Joseph R, 59 Lowell St, Mathnen, Mass
Ames, Harry B, 407 Columbia St, Kelso, Wash
Almy, Donald C, 4154 Keystone Ave, Culver City, Calif
Anbender, Harry H, 15654 Baylis Ave, Detroit, Mich
Anderson, Earl R, 2410 S 10th St, Council Bluffs, Is
Anderson, Alfred W Jr, 625 E Schantz Ave, Dayton 9, O
Anderson, Donald H, 11 W Pearson St Apt S, Chicago 10, Ill
Anderson, Elmer T, P O Box 163, Pismo Beach, Calif
Anderson, John W, 109 W Seymour St, Philadelphia, Pa
Anderson, Leonard Wm, 370 W 22nd St, Eugene, Ore
Anderson, Oscar N, G D, Albany, Ill
Anderson, Welter A, 932 Wyoming St, Allentown, Pa
Andrews, Geo N, Box 137, Akron, Cole
Andrews, Gilbert E Jr, 5749 S Morgen St, Chicago, Ill
Andrews, Michael G, Rt 2, Windsor, Mo
Angerman, Elmer C, 1936 N 31st St, Milwaukee 8, Wis
Annas, Samuel A, 905 5th Ave, Helena, Mont
Annigian, Victor, G, 521 W 189th St, New York, N Y
Anschultz, Vernon L, Dimebox, Tex
Antebi, John, 1268 Concourse, New York 56, N Y
Anthony, James R, 259 Marlboro Rd, Wood Ridge, N J
Arbon, Harold D, 1140 E Carter, Pocatello, Ids
Ardery, Carlton B, Rt 3 Paris Rd, Lexington, Ky
Amold, Billy I, Rt 1 Box~ 146, Firebaugh, Calif
Amold, Seth S, 4518 Vandervort, Dallas, Tex
Armstrong, Jacob C, Rt 1 % J J Vulgamore, Seminole, Okla
Armstrong, Norman E, 15 Center St, Lynbrook, L I, N Y
Armstrong, S D, 542 Jeanette St, Abilene, Tax
Arraro, Frank B, 648 South St, Newburg, N Y
Arthur, Douglas E, 731E Union St, Millersbutg, Pa
Arzaga, Harry, 127 N Windsor Ave, Stockton, Calif
Aselta, Harold Joe, 19 Todd Piece N E, Washington, D C
Ashbaugh, Russell G Jr, 69 E Delason Ave, Youngstown, O
Ashby, Richard Jr, 868 Roosevelt Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ashley, Raymond L, 5242 Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago 15, Ill
Asplund, Norman S, 31 Stadden St, Providence, R I
Athearn, Murray J, 704 Texas Ave, Deer Lodge, Mont
Atkins, Julius K, 3302 Line Ave, Shreveport, La
Atkinson, Rutherford H, 901W Adams St, Muncie, Ind
Atwell, Robert S, 235 N Crawford Ave, New Castle, Pa
Auerbach, Gerald L, 130-39 149th St S Ozone Park 20,LI,NY
Aufmuth, Welter L, 13432 Darley Ave, Cleveland 10, O
Ayers, Charles W, 536 Beacon St, Akron 6, O
Baaer, Dwight R Jr, Dayton, Ind
Baake, Ralph W, 2373 N 5th St, Milwaukee, Wis
Babst, Dean V, 1015 Second Ave N, Great Falls, Mont
Baca, Paul A, 319 Vine St, Las Animas, Cole
Backen, Frederick A Jr, 1220 S 6th St, Brainerd, Minn
Railey, Ralph H Jr, Rt 2 A, Auburn, Me
Bailey, Victor W, 307 W 14th St, Coffeyville, Fans
Baker, Edwin, 17155 Munich, Detroit 24, Mich
Baker, Harry C, 2186 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Baker, J D, Rt 1 Box 83, White Deer, Tex
Baker, Wm T Jr, Box 23, Amitt, Okla
Baklund, Forrest C, P O Box 822, Concrete, Wis
Balanceua, Phillip V, 89 Wilmont St, Portland, Me
Bsldassare, Thomas L, 176 Colony Ave, Park Ridge, N J
Baldwin, Ralph K, P O Box 220, Hershey, Pa
Baldwin, Wm J, 416 Apt 351 Kenna Ave, S Charleston, W Va
Ballard, Lyman G, Rt 1, Boyds Creek, Tenn
Ball, Elvin D, Fluvanna, Tex
Ball, Howard W, 572 W McKinley St, Sunnyvale, Calif
Ball, Orville M, 105 N Liberty St, Victoria, Tex
Balogh, Julius B, 4616 Interboro Ave Lincoln P1, Pittsburgh, Pa
Bait, Richard F, 232 N 2nd St, Highland Park, Ill
Bare, Stanley B, 13 Miller St, So River, N J
Baranich, George, Box 543, Patton, Tenn
Barbarita, Rosario, 48 ProBpect Dr, Yonkers, N Y
Barber, Dean L, 518 Glenwood Ave, Knoxville 17, Tenn
Barber, Ray T, 213 N Denver St, Jackson, Miss
Barbus Stephen P, 333 Spruce St, Vandergriet, Pa
Bard, Joel M Jr, 2537 Williams Ave, Sioux City, Ia
Barlow, Richard C, 416 Curtis St, Crewe, Va
Barnes, Francis A, 230 W 4th St, Emporium, Pa
Barnes, James C, Rt 3 Box 4513, Vicksburg, Miss
Barnett, Ralph E, 2921 S W 35th Ave, Miami 33, Fla
Barnett, Wm 0, 2854 W Brooklyn Ave, Dallas, Tex
Barnhart, Clyde L, 819 Spruce St, Elizabethtown, Pa
Barovian, Joseph, Box 286, Fredericktown, Pa
Barren, Dalbert W, Box 763, Borger, Tex
Barry, Edward J, 7251 S Ferry Ave, Chicago, Ill
Barry, Hugh T, 591 E McLemore Ave, Memphis, Tenn
Bartscherer, J Gerard, 1630 Newport St, Denver, Cole
Bartok, Dan L, Box 925, Mount Olive, Ill
Bartolomucci, John R, Rt 2, Irwin, Pa
Bartolo, Robert H, 709 N McBride St, Syracuse 3, N Y
Barton, Robert Hunter, 1923 Kenwood Blvd S E, Roanoke, Va
Barus, Richard F, 170 Harvard Ave, Athol, Mass
Battistini, Ofelio, 515 N 80 Ave W, Duluth, Minn
Bauer, Harry, Rt 2, Fort Morgan, Cole
Bauman, George, 365 Stanford St, Perth Amboy, N J
Baumann, Lawrence, Wanda, Minn
Baumann, Roy M, 328 Olympic Ave, Vallejo, Calif
Baurer, Eldon F, P O Box 373, Sherwood, Ore
Bausel, Lyle D, 638 N Jefferson St, Lancaster, Wis
Baxter, Richard I, Rt 1, Atlantic, Is
Bayler, Andrew J Jr, 279 Park Blvd, Glen Ellyn, Ill
Beacham, Fred W Jr, 1178 Lucile Ave S W, Atlanta 2, Ga
Beaulieu, John H, 4746 Northcote Ave, East Chicago, Ill
Beaupre, Edward J, 1042 Forest Rd, Schenectady 3, N Y
Beaird, Norris D, Rt 3, San Benito, Tex
Bechtel, Joseph L, 1014 Regent St, Niles, Mich
Beck, Jessie J, P O Box 1, Hawthorne, Fla
Beck, Paul K, Box 977, Roswell, N Mex
Becker, Edward S Jr, 21 Church St, Beverly, N Y
Becker, Grand A, Box 182, Spearman, Tex
Beckerle, Joe, 3820 Wyoming St, St Louis, Mo
Beckler, Joseph H, 85 Castlebar Rd, Rochester 10, N Y
Beadles, Floyd Dee, Box 446, Eureka, Kans
Bell, Douglas R, 115 Primrose Ave, Mt Vernon, N Y
Bell, N J Jr, 14 Perkins Ave Silverside Hts, Wilmington, Dela
Bellardini, Carmen L, 32 Lamed St, Potsdam, N Y
Belletete, Oren, 9 North St, East Jaffrey, N H
Bellum, George, 103 Holland St, Wilkes-Barre, Pa
Beneigh, Harold E, Box 152, Prospect, Pa
Bennett, Jack W, Box 141, Wetumka, Okla
Bennett, Tracy, Coolidge, Tex
Benson, James H, Lake Rd, Terra Alta, W Va
Benwell, Tommy, 1803 Crawford, Houston, Tex
Bergmann, Alien E, 707 Samantha Ave, Normal, Ill
Berman, Harry, 703 2nd Ave, Grinnell, Is
Bernard, Robert J, 52 Carroll St, Chelsea, Mass
Bernazza, Anthony J, 127 Winnikee Ave, Poughkeepsie, N Y
Berry, Glenn S, Rt 1 Box 11, La Habra, Calif
Bethel, Harvey, 551 S Monmouth Ave, Monmouth, Ore
Berthiaume, Armand T, 85 Broad St, Danielson, Conn
Besecker, Warren S, 2006 N Blvd, Houston, Tex
Bess, Hymen, 243 Fulton P1, Paterson, N J
Bettencourt, Manuel J, 144 Martin, Gilroy, Calif
Betts, Edger L, P O Box 709, Borger 1 Tex
Bever, Robert D, 3223 Woodland Ave, Kansas City, Mo
Booze, George L, 77 Palmetto Dr, Miami Springs, Fla
Boren, Jack B, 2114 13th St, Lubbock, Tex
Borks, Arthur H, 48231/2 Clarke St, Oakland 9, Calif
Borowski, Tidua, 6 Jackson St, Haverhill, Mass
Bortnick, Welter, 139 W Moser Ave, Coaldale, Pa
Boucherd, Robert J, 16 Tuna Ave, Bradford, Pa
Bourland, Homer L, 3813 Palm Ave, Houston 4, Tex
Bowers, Charles L, 1443 W Market St, Steubenville, O
Bowers, Claude A, Rt 6, Marion, Ind
Bowman, James, 745 N 5th Ave, Knoxville, Tenn
Bowmen, Joseph R, 312 W 3rd St, Florence, Cole
Bowyer, Herbert J, Wilder Road Rt 2, Metamora, Mich
Boyce, Leslie H, Charlo, Mont
Boyer, James G, Clayville, Va
Boylan, James B, Rt 3, Louisville, O
Bet, Robert, Rt 2, Coshocto, O
Braden, James S, 342 6th Ave, North Troy, N Y
Bradley, Calud R, Box 14 P O ,Eunice, La
Bradley, Frank D, 16559 Kentucky Ave, Detroit 21, Mich
Bradley, Marion Robert Jr, Lithonia, Ga
Bramble, Harold L, 2715 Rebecca St, Sioux City, la
Brandt, Thomas, 4153 W 57 P1, Chicago 29, Ill
Bragg, Orval W, 131 Floral Ave, Portland, Ind
Brannock, Joseph, 113 W 2nd Ave, Lexington, N C
Branson, Earl E, Rt 1, Johnson City, Ill
Braun, Vincent W, 151 3rd st, Hicksville, L I, N Y
Breitweiser, Charles, Laurel P1, Chester, NJ
Breeden, John P Jr, 606 Montgomery St, San Francisco, Calif
Breeden, Ralph S, 6817 19th Ave N E, Seattle 5, Wash
Brendtke, James E, 5251 Courville Rd, Detroit 24, Mich
Brenneman, Jay F, Fruitland, Ia
Brenneman, Kermit H, Albright, W Va
Bricarello, Frank J, 139 N Austin St, San Jose 11, Calif
Bricker, Linden O, Columbia, Mo
Bridgeforth, Gilbert W, 3219 Bailey Ave, St Louis, Mo
Brinson, Lee M, Rt 1, Fayetteville, Ark
Brittain, George H, Rt 1, Joaquin, Tex
Brittle, Harry A, Rt 1, Clinton, Tenn
Broaddus, Cleo J, 214 S Bullitt,.Holdenville, Okla
Broderick, Clifford H, Roosevelt, Utah
Brooks, Kenneth M, 2803 Taylor Ave, Baltimore, Md
Brooks, Martin, 5539 Hadfield St, Philadelphia, Pa
Broker, Richard E, 432 Cass St, Owosso, Mich
Brooks, Robert, Liberty Hill, Tex
Brosang, Ernest J, 259 Marlboro Rd, Wood Ridge, N J
Bross, Richard H, Box 143, McCall, Ida
Broughton, Charles, Box 101 Rt 1, Morris 3, Pa
Brown, Donald, 3387 Erie Ave Apt 102, Cincinnati 8, O
Brown, Donnie L Jr, 423 Moblerly, Longview, Tex
Brown, Berlin J, P O Box 375, Palco, Kans
Brown, Clarence B, 3321 Convain St, San Diego "O", Calif
Brown, Geo E, 408, San Francisco Ave Apt 3, Santa Fe, N Mex
Brown, Harol 0, 728 S Oakland Ave, Indianapolis, Ind
Brown, Ignatius W, 1910 Wood St, Saginaw, Mich
Brown, James J, 1223 S 24th St, Philadelphia 46, Pa
Brown, JayJ, Rt 2, Little Rock, Ark
Brown, Jimmie W, 204 W Louisiana St, Sweetwater, Tex
Brown, Nicholas C, 1909 N Front St, Harrisburg, Pa
Brown, Robert H Jr, 826 Pearson St, Greensboro, N C
Brown, Roy B, P O 23 Brown Bldg, Valdese, N C
Brown, Rufus, 1409 Staples St N E, Washington 2, D C
Brown, Thomas C, 3 Belshaw Ave, Eatontown, N J
Brown, William J, 357 9th St, Brooklyn 15, N Y
Brown, William L, Rt 1, Bristolville, O
Brown, William M, 480 Eye St S W, Washington 4, D C
Browning, Lawrence F, 59 E Ist South, Rexburg, Ida
Bruce, Otto, 229 South Race St, Princeton, Ind
Bruiy, Alfonso P, 103 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn 11, N Y
Bruner, Charles A, 5104 Idaho Ave, Nashville, Tenn
Brunson, Reginal C, Rt 2, Pine City, N Y
Bucher, Jack D, Gen Del, River Bank, Calif
Buda, Robert 0, 9159 Manor Ave, Detroit 4, Mich
Buczkowski, Otto J, 203 Avon Ave, Newark, N J
Bulgrin, Vernon C, 739 Corice St, Akron 2, O
Bullock, Douglas F, 93 E Dover St, Valley Stream, N Y
Bumgardner, Donald J, 3007 Elm St, Shreveport, La
Burbank, Harold J, Rt 2, Jonesville, Mich
Burden, Winfred E, Rt 3, DeKalb, Tex
Burch, Elmer E, 222 W Henry, Spartanburg, S C
Burchette, Charles, Cumberland Gap, Tenn
Beverly, Alfred M, 1120 Huntoon St, Topeka, Kans
Bevill, Ernest E, 644 9th St S E, Paris, Tex
Beville, Thomas J, 199 Weldon St, Spartanburg, S C
Bianchi, Albert J, 20 Bridge St, Amsterdam, N Y
Blanchino, Salvatore, % Alex A Bieker, Schoenchen, Kans
Bichlmeier, Herman A, Osmond, Neb
Bibler, Robert R, 1001 Selby St, Findlay, O
Biddle, Joseph R, 1211 Veto St North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa
Bierma, H D, 118 Hebra Ave, % Mrs F Hardy, Calexico, Calif
Bies, Wm F, 2922 Newtown Ave, Minneapolis, Minn
Bigham, Wm S, 1918 S 8th St, Waco, Tex
Bills, Thomas P, Rt 1, Augusta, Kans
Biniewicz, Frank L, 4432 S Western Ave, Chicago 9, Ill
Birchett, John M, Rt 1 Woodlawn, Hopewell, Va
Birkhead, John C, Clarksville, Tex
Birnley, Daryl E, Rt 3, Grover City, Pa
Bischof, Joseph 0, 520 35th St, Union City, N J
Bishop, Glen H, Box 592, Wolf Point, Mont
Bishop, Paul E, 1621 Pine Ave, Niagara Falls, N Y
Bishop, Robert K, 3011 Dundee R D, Louisville, Ky
Bivins, Myler L, 1449 North Fairview, Burbank, Calif
Bivins, Theodore R, 1449 North Fairview, Burbank, Calif
Black, James A, Clarkesville, Ga
Black, Joseph E, 387 W Center, Logan, Utah
Black, Vance Eugene, Box 161, Fairfax, Okla
Blackburn, Leland C, 3508 Lafayette Ave, Omaha 3, Nebr
Blacktord, Robert D, Rt 1, Cicero, Ind
Blackmon, Albert W, 2229 Milbourne Ave, Flint, Mich
Blaine, J M Jr, 15 Waverly Ave Apt D 11, Highland Pk, Mich
Blake, Wheeler F, 72 Marshall St, Medford 55, Mass
Blakee, Lawrence E, 255 Ventura St, Altadena, Calif
Blakely, Alton E, Rt 1, Snyder, Tex
Blankenburg, Robert L, Rt 4 Box 614, Tulsa 15, Okla
Blankmann, Robert B, 4538 Minnesota Ave, St Louis, Mo
Blanton, William J, Rt 1, Norwood, Mo
Blasko, Adam J, 165 Powderly St, Carbondale, Pa
Blaszak, Welter J, 2037 N Honroe St, Chicago, Ill
Blewett, Roger H, 1112 N Monroe Ave, Mason City, Ia
Bliss, Raymond, 127 Manheim St, Philadelphia 44, Pa
Block, Bernard J, 3212 Ave P, Brooklyn 10, N Y
Blumberg, Robert, 730 Penna Ave, Miama Beach, Fla
Blunk, Herschell W Jr, 1117 Walbrige Ave, Toledo 9, O
Bobel, Harold S, 911 7th Court, Loraine, O
Bobo, Richard A, 3222 Madison Ave, Paducah, Ky
Bochsler, Albert J, Box 81 Rt 1, Mt Angel, Ore
Bolinsky, Hillman, Big Stone Gap, Va
Bond, Glen H, Maryland Heights, Mo
Bones, Dwight M, Rt 1, Box 35, Shawsville, Va
Bonham, Harold T, 1051W 2nd Ave, Columbus, O
Bonhaus, Alphonse, 312 9th Ave, Dayton, Ky
Bonick, Anthony, 311 3rd Ave, New York 10, N Y
Bonneau, Urban, 951 Wilcox St, Hammond, Ind
Bonnette, Samuel C, Box 204, Hosston, La
Boody, Earl H, 538 Gross St, Pittsburgh 24, Pa
Boogkman, Russell E, 105 High St, Chase City, Va
Booher, Edward N, Box 123, Linton, Ind
Booher, William R, Cottage Grove, Ore
Boomhower, Milton A, Prospect Rd Rt 3, Ashtabula, O
Booth, Robert L, 1389 Harvard Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah
Booze, George L, 77 Palmetto Dr, Miami Springs, Fla
Boren, Jack B, 2114 13th St, Lubbock, Tex
Borks, Arthur H, 48231/2 Clarke St, Oakland 9, Calif
Borowski, Tidua, 6 Jackson St, Haverhill, Mass
Bortnick, Welter, 139 W Moser Ave, Coaldale, Pa
Bouchard, Robert J, 16 Tuna Ave, Bradford, Pa
Bourland, Homer L, 3818 Palm Ave, Houston 4, Tex
Bowers, Charles L, 1443 W Market St, Steubenville, O
Bowers, Claude A, Rt 6, Marion, Ind
Bowmen, James, 745 N 5th Ave, Knoxville, Tenn
Bowman, Joseph R, 312 W 3rd St, Florence, Cole
Bowyer, Herbert J, Wilder Road Rt 2, Metamora, Mich
Boyce, Leslie H, Charlo, Mont
Boyer, James G, Clayville, Va
Boylan, James B, Rt 3, Louisville, O
Bet, Robert, Rt 2, Coshocto, O
Braden, James S, 342 6th Ave, North Troy, N Y
Bradley, Calud R, Box 14 P O ,Eunice, La
Bradley, Frank D, 16559 Kentucky Ave, Detroit 21, Mich
Bradley, Marion Robert Jr, Lithonia, Ga
Bramble, Harold L, 2715 Rebecca St, Sioux City, Ia
Brandt, Thomas, 4153 W 57 P1, Chicago 29, Ill
Bragg, Orval W, 131 Floral Ave, Portland, Ind
Brannock, Joseph, 113 W 2nd Ave, Lexington, N C
Branson, Earl E, Rt 1, Johnson City, Ill
Braun, Vincent W, 151 3rd st, Hicksville, L I, N Y
Breitweiser, Charles, Laurel P1, Chester, NJ
Breaden, John P Jr, 606 Montgomery St, San Francisco, Calif
Breeden, Ralph S, 6817 19th Ave N E, Seattle 5, Wash
Brendtke, James E, 5251 Courville Rd, Detroit 24, Mich
Brenneman, Jay F, Fruitland, Ia
Brenneman, Kermit H, Albright, W Va
Bricarello, Frank J, 139 N Austin St, San Jose 11, Calif
Bricker, Linden O, Columbia, Mo
Bridgeforth, Gilbert W, 3219 Bailey Ave, St Louis, Mo
Brinson, Lee M, Rt 1, Fayetteville, Ark
Brittain, George H, Rt 1, Joaquin, Tex
Brittle, Harry A, Rt 1, Clinton, Tenn
Broaddus, Cleo J, 214 S Bullitt, Holdenville, Okla
Broderick, Clifford H, Roosevelt, Utah
Brooks, Kenneth M, 2803 Taylor Ave, Baltimore, Md
Brooks, Martin, 5539 Hadfield St, Philadelphia, Pa
Broker, Richard E, 432 Cass St, Owosso, Mich
Brooks, Robert, Liberty Hill, Tex
Brosang, Emest J, 259 Marlboro Rd, Wood Ridge, N J
Bross, Richard H, Box 143, McCall, Ida
Broughton, Charles, Box 101 Rt 1, Morris 3, Pa
Brown, Donald, 3387 Erie Ave Apt 102, Cincinnati 8, O
Brown, Donnie L Jr, 423 Moblerly, Longview, Tex
Brown, Berlin J, P O Box 375, Palco, Kans
Brown, Clarence B, 3321 Convain St, San Diego "O", Calif
Brown, Geo E, 408, San Francisco Ave Apt 3, Santa Fe,N Mex
Brown, Harol 0, 728 S Oakland Ave, Indianapolis, Ind
Brown, Ignatius W, 1910 Wood Sti Saginaw, Mich
Brown, James J, 1223 S 24th St, Philadelphia 46, Pa
Brown, Jay J, Rt 2, Little Rock, Ark
Brown, Jimmie W, 204 W Louisiana St, Sweetwater, Tex
Brown, Nicholas C, 1909 N Front St, Harrisburg, Pa
Brown, Robert H Jr, 826 Pearson St, Greensboro, N C
Brown, Roy B, P O 23 Brown Bldg, Valdese, N C
Brown, Rufus, 1409 Staples St N E, Washington 2, D C
Brown, Thomas C, 3 Belshaw Ave, Eatontown, N J
Brown, William J, 357 9th St, Brooklyn 15, N Y
Brown, William L, Rt 1, Bristolville, O
Brown, William M, 480 Eye St S W, Washington 4, D C
Browning, Lawrence F, 59 E Ist South, Rexburg, Ida
Bruce, Otto, 229 South Race St, Princeton, Ind
Bruiy, Alfonso P, 103 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn 11, N Y
Bruner, Charles A, 5104 Idaho Ave, Nashville, Tenn
Brunson, Reginal C, Rt 2, Pine City, N Y
Bucher, Jack D, Gen Del, River Bank, Calif
Buda, Robert 0, 9159 Manor Ave, Detroit 4, Mich
Buczkowski, Otto J, 203 Avon Ave, Newark, N J
Bulgrin, Vernon C, 739 Corice St, Akron 2, O
Bullock, Douglas F, 93 E Dover St, Valley Stream, N Y
Bumgardner, Donald J, 3007 Elm St, Shreveport, La
Burbank, Harold J, Rt 2, Jonesville, Mich
Burden, Winfred E, Rt 3, DeKalb, Tex
Burch, Elmer E, 222 W Henry, Spartanburg, S C
Burchette, Charles, Cumberland Gap, Tenn
Burchfield, Clytus 0, 309 S Wall St, Spokane 8, Wash
Burgess, Almon H, 2717 S Willard, Garvey, Calif
Burgner, Fay, Rt 3, Chuckey, Tenn
Buckhart, Edwin K, Rt 1, Twelve Mile, Ind
Burnham, Charles, 790 E Main St, Little Falls, N Y
Burnett, Earl F, Middle Point, O
Burns, Roy H, Mainstreet, Broodville, Ind
Burpo, James 0, 1276 29th St, Los Angeles, Calif
Burrell, Fred Jr, 188 State St, Coming, N Y
Burroughs, Glen, Box 54, Valera, Tex
Burrows, Paul A, 430 13th St, Ogden, Utah
Burson, Julius, 994 Barton St, Memphis, Tenn
Burton, Robert T, 3707 Middle Rd, Los Angeles, Calif
Burulia, Stanley A, 955 Lexington Blvd, Clarktown, N J
Burwell, Orrin E, 412 10th St, Santa Monica, Calif
Buscemi, Joseph F, 254 Himrod St, Brooklyn 27, N Y
Bushcamp, George C, 10823 Grevillea St, Inglewood, Calif
Butler, Lewis N, 2115 Mary St, Houston, Tex
Byrnes, Joel W, Rt 19 Box 210 B, Orlando, Fla
Bryan, James, 314 Walnut St, Wellesley Hills 82, Mass
Bryant, Harry M Jr, 2249 N Broadway, Wichita 4, Kans
Bryant, Howard W, 2419 Ceder Ave, Long Beach, Calif
Bryder, Earl L, 6044 S Justine St, Chicago 36, Ill
Byerley, William H, 948 Jackman Ave, Avalon, Pa
Cackowski, John, 35 Rose Ave, Glen Cove, L I, N Y
Cagle, Robert J, Spavinaw, Okla
Cahill, John Robert, 212 Bergen St, Brooklyn 17, N Y
Caiazzi, Armando, 11 Court St, Milford, Mass
Caldwell, Robert B, Rt 1, Arcadia, Kans
Calhoun, Patrick, Walton Way Extension, Augusta, Ga
Call, James Richard, 11903 Belmont Ave, Cleveland 11, O
Call, Ralph C, 2619 Blandenburg Rd, Washington, D C
Camille, Commodore, 184 Lexington Ave, Bridgeport, Conn
Campbell, Luther L, Box 274, Williams, Ariz.
Campbell, Robert W, Dotsero, Cole
Campanini, Angelo M, 1554 Fillmore Ave, Buffalo, N Y
Canfield, James A Jr, 21 Shepherd Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Cantrell, Alan H, 15 Greene Ave, New Canaan, Conn
Cantu, David Jr, 237 Kelber Ave, San Antonio, Tex
Cantway, Robert V, 909 62nd St, Kenosha, Wis
Cape, T J, Rt 3, Wood Ruff, S C
Caprino, Thomas A, 195 Sharp St, Marion, O
Capshaw, James D, Rt 1, Wrightsville, Ga
Carder, Will Z, 420 E McCloud Ave, Stockton 20, Calif
Carey, Audrey B, 3130 Jefferson, Des Moines 10, Ia
Carmichael, H D, Am Red Cross Box 236,Randolph Field, Tex
Carpenter, Wm J, 703 Spencer St N E, Grand Rapids 5, Mich
Care, Jesus M, Mesilla, N Mex
Carr, Elmo E, Box 107, Daisetta, Tex
Carson, Herman F Jr, Rt 2, Hones Path, S C
Carr, Imra, Hendricks, WVa
Carr, John R, Waddington, N Y
Carr, Kenneth W, 65 Appian Way, Keene, N H
Carrico, Frank, 55 S Arthur St, Galesburg, Ill
Carter, Alfred, 175 Zimmerman St, N Tonawanda, N Y
Carter, Clifton Jr, West Point, Miss
Carter, Raymond D, 541 Elm Ave, Roanoke, Va
Carver, Joseph H, 271 Chestnut St, West Newton, Mass
Cassidy, Robert J, 3328 Glenmawr Ave, Pittsburgh 4, Pa
Castanga, Angelo N, 301 Swan St, Buffalo, N Y
Gate, Wm H, Athens, Tenn
Cater, Clinton, Rt 1, Belvidere, Ill
Caufield, J Vincent, 321 Lehigh St, Pittsburgh 6, Pa
Cerny, Franklin J, Box 114, Rushville, Neb
Cesser, Olen A, 519 Lexington Ave, San Antonio, Tex
Chadina, Harold, 4204 W 63rd St, Los Angeles 43, Calif
Challacombe, Wayne B, Box 276, Medora, Ill
Chambers, Jess Jr, 362 Washington, Loveland, Cole
Chambers, Donald, 1022 E 36th St, Brooklyn 19, N Y
Chamberlain, Lyman R, Burley, Ids
Chamberlain, Thomas B, 1685 Minnesota, Camden, N J
Chandler, Waymon D, Bryan Fire Dept, Bryan, Tex
Chapin, Harvey G, 1113 Cornelia Ave, Chicago 13, Ill
Chapman, Donald W, 57 Grand P1, Arlington, N J
Chapman, Duane W, 6330 W Raven St, Chicago 30, Ill
Charest, Lewis E, 1400 3rd St, Lewiston, Jda
Chase, Irvin E Jr, 85-47 108th St, Richmond Hill, L I, N Y
Cheney, Wm G, Ashland, Me
Chepregi, Frank, 3453 Penns Ave, East Chicago, Ill
Chernoski, John S, 10 Market St, Inkerman, Pittston, Pa
Chester, John, 284 Cypress Ave, Bronx 54, N Y
Chideston, Kenneth, 700 12th St, Buhl, Ids
Childs, Everett E, Rt 2, Sherman, N Y
Childs, John F, Box 386, Manchester, N H
Chimento, Dante R, 521 Redonda Rd, Youngstown 4, O
Christiansen, Gordon L, 1907 Lyndale Ave,Minneapolis, Minn
Chrostowski, Bernard J, 9 Lattimer St, Marblehead, Mass
Chrismon, Thomas F, Rt 2, Ruffn, N C
Christofferscn, Emil R, 3446 Ave C, Council Bluffs, Ia
Chucka, Joseph J, Pound, Wis
Ciegler, Otto, 158 Van Cortland Park S, New York, N Y
Cieslak. Thaddeus M, 654 Lensing St, Schenectady 3, N Y
Cika, Andrew, 2709 Taylor St, Youngstown 2, O
Civiello, Chas M, 52-68 72 St, Maspeth, L I, N Y
Clabeaux, Robert R, 116 Davey St, Buffalo 6, N Y
Clagett, Henry M, Accokeek, Mo
Clanton, Raymond W, 11301 Tiara St,North Hollywood, Calif
Clark, Geraine E, 3301 Magnolia Ave, St Louis, Mo
Clark, E A, 3747 Green Valley Rd Rt 1, Huntington, W Va
Clark, James M, 6763 Chamberlain Ave, University City, Mo
Clark, John F, 988 S 9th E St, Salt Lake City, Utah
Clark, Virgil L, Box 368 W Rt 1, Merced, Calif
Clarke, Audley, 1380 Asylum Ave, Hartford, Conn
Cline, Red B, Men's Hall Kearney State Teachers, Kearney,Neb
Clinkscales, Ray C, 616 E River St, Anderson, S C
Clear, James C, Earle, Ark
Cloud, Wm S, 1909 5th St Box 353, Galena Park, Tex
Clos, Howard J, 2828 E 15th St, Long Beach, Calif
Cody, James W, Box 471, Newport, Tenn
Coger, Wm A, 536 W Matthews, Jonesboro, Ark
Cohen, Benjamin, 4646 N Central Park Ave, Chicago 25, Ill
Coe, Gerald F, 227 Matty Ave, Syracuse, N Y
Coenenberg, Vernon, Rt 2 Box 297 C, Medford, Ore
Coffman, John T Jr, Rt 1, Elkmont, Ala
Colaizzi, John R, 7053 Apple Ave E End, Pittsburgh 6, Pa
Colbert, Albert R, 154 Odetta St, Pittsburgh, Pa
Colbert, Teddy L, Box 69, Mill Creek, Okla
Cole, Elton B, 1809 S 14th St, Chickasha, Okla
Cole, Marion Frank, 2645 W Pico Bldg, Los Angeles 6, Calif
Cole, Sidney E, Rt 1, Holcomb, Miss
Coleman, Harold J, Rt 1, Roswell, Ga
Coleman, John, 119 Edgefield Ave, Longview, Tex
Collins, Jay W, 1111 S 17th St, Harrisburg, Pa
Collins, Joseph C, 19th Kenneth St, Hartford, Conn
Collins, Mande, Rt 2, Lyons, Ga
Collins, Patrick J, 55 Burke St So, Boston, Mass
Collins, Phillip J, 49 Taylor St, Pittsfield, Mass
Collins, Wm R, 270 Jefferson St, Ravenna, O
Colvin, Jesse P, 215 Cemetery St Box 431, Pulaski, Tenn
Comfort, Truman O Jr, 1117 Freeman Ave, Norfork 6, Va
Comstock, Marion A, 2123 Murray Ave, Louisville 5, Ky
Condellone, Angello, Collinsville, Ill
Conn, John F, Paintlick, Ky
Connell, James S, 4255 Harriet Ave So, Minneapolis, Minn
Connell, Wenzel L, 7113 18 Ave, Kenosha, Wis
Connelly, Edward T, 411 Chester Ave, Baltimore, Md
Connely, Ralph D, 1537 Glyn St, Detroit, Mich
Conner, Hershel W, 1112 Ballard Ave, Dallas, Tex
Conner, Phillip S, 206 Kishwaukee, Rockford, Ill
Conrad, Wm B, Rt 1, Basiam, Fla
Constant, Wm C, 75 Cane St, Bogota, N J
Convisser, Stanley, 28 Tehama St, Brooklyn, N Y
Conway, Boyd, 143 W 4th St, Dunkirk, N Y
Cook, Warren G, 19 Ellsworth St, Everett 49, Mass
Cook, Henry E, 115 Douglas Rd, Sunflower, Kans
Cooper, Frederick W, 440 Kochling Rd, Glencoe, Ill
Cooper, Raymond R, 1431 West 89th St, Los Angeles, Calif
Copeland, Fred H, 5316 8th Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Corcoran, Raymond, 435 Church St, Steven Point, Wis
Cordray, Robert M, 1564 Richmond Ave, Columbus, O
Corlew, Jones T, 1837 Evelyn, Memphis 4, Tenn
Cornelius, Foster M, New Albany, Miss
Cosby, Geo Lawrence, 251 Berean Ave S E, Atlanta, Ga
Cosby, Welter N Jr, 221 Wilmington St, Hamlet, N C
Costa, Louie, Box 414, Atwater, Calif
Costantino, Frank F, 5182 W 20th St, Los Angeles, Calif
Cotting, William M, 27 Cotting Ave, Marlboro, Mass
Couch, Welter R, Rt 2, Blountville, Tenn
Coufal, John C, Brainard, Neb
Coulson, Thomas H, 2010 Tremont, Ft Worth 7, Tex
Counter, Talcott H, 635 E Main St, Middletown, Conn
Courtwright, Robert M, 3840 A St, Tacoma, Wash
Cousins, Earl B, White Horse Pike, Magnolia, N J
Covington, Wallace P, 2609 Hershel St, Jacksonville, Fla
Cowan, Stephen D, 1459 Graham St S W, Atlanta, Ga
Cox, John V, Rt 2, Dublin, Tex
Cox, Henry W, Columbus, N J
Craig, James M, 1032 10th Ave, Sacramento 14, Calif
Craig, Bruce P, 1102 Nowlin St, Fort Worth 3, Tex
Crandell, Lorin J, Heber, Ariz
Crandell, Oakley, 6559 Coleman Ave, Dearborn, Mich
Craner, Philip J, 627 San Emidio, Taft, Calif
Cremeans, William L, 2905 3rd Ave, Huntington 2, W Va
Crepeau, Marcel R, 78 W Park P1, Woonsocket, R I
Crider, Kiolen, Rt 2, Box 683, Kannapolis, N C
Crinnion, Mark D, 1219 Greifield P1, St Louis, Mo
Crisman, Warren, 2541 Myrtle Ave, Kansas City 1, Mo
Croce, Rudolph J, 1623 S 23rd St, Philadelphia 45, Pa
Crocker, John, 3800 Tudor Arms Ave, Baltimore 11, Md
Cross, Charles, 2514 E Milton Ave, Overland 14, Mo
Crossley, C V Jr, 2001 13th Ave S Apt C-12, Birmingham, Ala
Crowley, William L, 41 Stoneleigh Rd, Watertown, Mass
Crowther, Andrew W, 829 W 38th St, Baltimore, Md
Crum, Robert D, 326 N Ilth St, Reading, Pa
Cuddy, Wm J, 2557 Edmondson Ave, Baltimore 23, Md
Cullison, Louis M, Highlands, Tex
Cummings, Drexel C, 1008 Thomas St, Charleston, W Va
Cummings, Edward M, 624 East St, Ludlow, Mass
Cunningham, Frank E, Franklin Park, East Syracuse, N Y
Cunningham, Robert C, 3614 176th P1, Lansing, Ill
Cunningham, Robert J, 2111N Haskell, Dallas, Tex
Curd, James L, 228 Harlan St, San Antonio, Tex
Currie, William J, 1382 Manistique Ave, Detroit, Mich
Curtin, James L Jr, 1311 Woodbound Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa
Curtis, Charles L, Box 89 Rt 3, Cloquet Minn
Curtis, F J, % Mary Curtis 318 Main St, Clarksville, Tenn
Cusator, James A, Onarga, Ill
Cutmore, James A, 1280 Decatur St, Brooklyn, N Y
Czamechi, Raymond P, 2653 W 23rd P1, Chicago, Ill
D'Addario, Douglas B, 41-29 41st St, Long Island, N Y, N Y
Daehne, Alfred W, Rt 3, Phillip, Wis
Dafnis, John 517'/2 Munroe Ave, Asbury Park, N J
Dahlman, Welter, 2205 W 3rd St, Sioux City 17, Is
Daley, Francis M, 12 Annabell St, Dorchester 25, Mass
D'Allessandro, Henry A, 77 Water St, Milford, Mass
Dalzell, Joseph B, 819 Elsbeth, Dallas 8, Tex
D'Ambrosio, Anthny P, 501/2 Wash St, Charleston, Mass
D'Ambrosio, Peter A, 501/2 Wash St, Charleston, Mass
Dambold, James M, 1612 E Madison, Oklahoma City, Ok:a
Danchick, Harold, 3230 E 119th St, Cleveland, O
D'Andrea, Andrew P, 615 4th St, Elm Wood City, Pa
Daniello, Frank, 4711 3rd Ave, Brooklyn 20, N Y
Daniels, Wm R, 509 Loretta Ave, Toronto, O
Darienzo, Stephen J, 133 Lincoln Ave, Mineola, N Y
Darling, William R, 531 E "I" St, Colton, Calif
Darrall, Edward E, 919 W 3rd St, Taylor, Tex
Darrow, Ralph J, 53 Colby St, Rochester 10, N Y
Dashner, Jerome A, 4520 Shamrock Ave, Baltimore, Md
Daugherty, Charles L, 304 Mercury St, San Antonio, Tex
Davidson, Edwin, P O Box 202, Avon Park, Fla
Davidson, John, 157 Harrison St, Princeton, N J
Davidson, Muriel L, 11 Berry Ave, Eldorado, Ark
Davidson, Raymond H, Rt 1, Wind Gap, Pa
Davis, Amold I, Rt 3, Millington, Mich
Davis, Clifford H, Rt 1, Dallas, Pa
Davis, George E, 1102 Southern Ave, Fayetteville, N C
Davis, George F, Roswell, N Mex
Davis, Horance G Jr, Box 221, Raiford, Fla
Davis, Howard S, 1953 Nebraska Ave, Selma, Calif
Davis, John W, Box 75, Big Cabin, Okla
Davis, Kenneth E, Wilsey, Kans
Davis, LaVaughn V, 1410 N 7th St, Wichita Falls, Tex
Davis, Laverne M, 1410 N 7th St, Wichita Falls, Tex
Davis, Lawrence E, Rt 2, Rely, Tex
Davis, A Lyle, 510 S 2nd St, Wilmington, N C
Davis, Ferry, 7125 Goforth St, Houston 4, Tex
Davis, Waterman J, 186 Carolina Ave, Sumter, S C
Davis, William M, 10 Gushing St, North Brooksfield, Mass
Davison, John Jr, 157 Harrison St, Princeton, N J
Da Walt, James H, Box 28, De Forest, Wis
Dawson, Alfred L, Rt 1, Moorhead, Minn
Day, Alfred L, Philipsburg, Mont
Day, Sheldon W, 124 W Smith, Hicksville, O
Day, William T, 601 Morton Ave, Ridley Park, Pa
Dean, Roy T, 217 W 27th St, Houston 8, Tex
Dearborn, Emest W, 7137 55th Ave S, Seattle 8, Wash
Decker, Wm R, 740 Rutherford, Lyndhurst, N J
Deeds, Donald A, 3419 Oliver St, Washington 15, DC
DeHabermenn, Fred A, 1019 Creswell Dr, Bossier City, La
DeLaurelle, Edward J, Rt 1, Carney, Mich
Delgado, Salvador, 601E Main St, Calipatria, Calif
DeLillo, Emerico J, 834 Wayside Rd, Cleveland, O
Dell'Ario, Joseph J, 301 E 104th St, New York 29, N Y
DeMarzi, Leo J, 5438 W 63rd P1, Chicago 38, Ill
Denby, Leonard W, Indian Lodge, Incline, Mariposa Co, Calif
Dendel, Lloyd E, 26552 Barrington Rd, Royal Oak, Mich
DeNeve, Robert T, Rt 1, Bristol, Vt
Denning, Charles, Rt 1, Benson, NC
Dennis, James A, 614 Ashland Ave, Rockford, Ill
Dennis, John S Jr, Rt 5, Zanesville, O
DeOrio, Anthony D, 238 Ave "U", Brooklyn, N Y
DeRocco, Alfonse, 122 W Clark St, Lion N Y
Desrochers, Bernard E, 189 Boylston St, Jamica Plains, Mass
DeVilbis, Geo H, Box 358, Woodstown, N J
DeVore, Guy C, 131 Columbia Ave, Palmerton, Pa
DeWitt, Claud L, R R, Humboldt, S Dak
Diccamillo, Frank S, 723 Earp St, Philadelphia, Pa
Dickenson, Chas W, 280 Walnut St, Batavia, Ill
Dickinson, Grover O, P OBox 748, Clovis, Calif
Dickson, Paul R, 12021/2 Greenwood Ave, Zanesville, O
Diehl, Wm Harold, 118 W Hendricks, Shelbyville, Ind
Dierl, Harry W, 3953 N 9th St, Philadelphia, Pa
Dietz, Lines E, Rt 6, Lawrence, Kans
Difatta, Jack, 663 5th St, Oakmont, Pa
Dillavou, John G, 917 W Daniels St, Champaign, Ill
Dillingham, Hervie, 1108 E Lindell, West Frankfort, Ill
Dillon, Jack C, Rt 3, Coming, Ia
Dingle, Karl W, 9 Prospect St, Union City, Pa
DiPaola, Vincent, 31-23 96th St, Corona, L I, N Y
DiPasquale, Martin A, 1727 Wharton St, Philadelphia, Pa
DiPoalo, Wm R, Cliff wood Ave, Cliffwood, N J
Disharoon, Mervin S, Snow Hill, Md
Dixon, Clark H, 696 Fayette St, Cumberland, Md
Dixon, Dick, Box 541, Gooding, Ida
Dixon, Edward J, School St Rt 1, Whippany, N J
Dean, Glen N, Box 64, LaDue, Mo
Doberman, Milton, 1041He Ave, Bronx, N Y
Dochen, Davis R, 1015 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Dodd, Ruby J, Corsicana, Tex
Dodds, Richard, 403 21st St, Sacramento 14, Calif
Dodson, Mervin L, 13441/2 4th Ave Janiata, Altoona, Pa
Doering, Frederick H, 3232 Roosevelt, Indianapolis, Ind
Deft, Eliot B, 513 Jorgen St, Elmhurst, N Y
Dolan, Alvin T, 30 E Crescent Ave, Newport, Ky
Dolan, Robert G, 5932 Theodosia, St Louis, Mo
Dolan, Wm G, Boulder Creek, Calif
Dolkart, J, 122-09 Beach Channel Dr, Belie Harbor, L I, N Y
Doll, Joseph D, Jeanerette, La
Doody, Thomas, 582 Thompson Ave, New Haven, Conn
Doonan, Robert W, 1304 LaSalle St, Racine, Wis
Dorr, Edward T, 36 Bunker Hill St, Lancaster, N H
Dortch, Othello, Lightman Theatres Corp, Helena, Ark
Douds, Wm W, 733 N Propsct, Park Ridge, Ill
Dougherty, John E, 3601 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, Minn
Dougherty, Urbin D, 14 Rawson Ave, Camden, Me
Dowdichuck, Paul, 547 Boquet St, Carnegie, Pa
Drake, John V, Midland, N C
Dreher, Louis F, 8520 Pilot Ave, Afton, Mo
Drennen, Chas J, 6340 N Opal St, Philadelphia, Pa
Drenning, John E, Preston St, Bradford, Pa
Dresser, Burtis B, 138 Berkshire Ave, Springfield, Mass
Drnec, Harry F, 6550 S Fairfield Ave, Chicago 29, Ill
Dress, Charles I, 1438 E Bradley St, Milwaukee, Wis
Dryden, Laurence A, 874 Dennison Ave, Columbus 8, O
Duban, Joseph J, 4018 Claridge St, Philadelphia 24, Pa
Duane, Joseph R, 111 Newfield St, East Orange, N J
Duca, Rosario J, 32 Belvidere St, Brooklyn, N Y
Duella, Maurice E, 9430 S Laflin St, Chicago 20, Ill
Dufek, Fred J, New St East Islip, L I, N Y
Duff, Harold, 140 Carnegie Ave, Clairton, Pa
Duffy, Edward Lee, Midway, Ky
Dugan, Raymond B, 314 E Webster, Ferndale, Mich
Duggins, James D, Rt 1, Hadley, Tex
Dullea, Maurice E, 723 5th Ave S E, Jamestown, N Dak
Dulski, Henry J, 21 Lincoln St, Edwardsville, Pa
Dumerle, Frank C, 7436 W Gregory St, Chicago 31, Ill
Dunais, Carrol J, 425 W Main St, New Britain, Conn
Dunbar, Russell, 236 5th Ave, Huntington, W Va
Duncan, Doc B, Rt 1, Lenoir City, Tenn
Dunlap, Owen E, Avant, Okla
Dunn, Herbert C, Leitchfield, Ky
Dunn, Jessie F, 2218 Madison Ave, Boise, Ida
Dunn, Wm R, Box 142, Macon, Ill
Durkin, John P, 4955 W Hubbard St, Chicago 44, Ill
Duro, Terry C, 111 Sprague St, Jamestown, N Y
Dutton, George F, 14 Alberta St, West Roxbury, Mass
Dwight, Robert S, 32 Barker Rd, Sciatuate, Mass
Dyjak, Edward A, Rt 1, Munger, Mich
Earl, Noble C III, South Thomaston, Me
Easterling, John, 214 Wooley Rd, Oxnard, Calif
Eberly, Welter H, 38 W College St, Canonsburg, Pa
Eckert, Donald R, 457 N Ilth St, Reading, Pa
Edelstein, Isadore, 22 Gershel Ave, Norma, N J
Edgmond, John W, Rt 3 Box 54, Okmulgee, Okla
Edmondson, Leonard, 1122 N Hudson Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Edwards, Donald E, 924 Green St, Norristown, Pa
Edwards, Marjorie, 384 Taeeton P1, Buffalo, N Y
Edward, Max H, Waterfall, Pa
Edwards, Vinton O, Box 711, Sheridan, Wyo
Eger, Edward C, 412 3rd Ave, Carnegie, Pa
Ehlers, Justus K, 621 Radnor Ave, Baltimore 12, Md
Ehnis, Alvin L, 426 S 7th St, Ann Arbor, Mich
Eichelberger, Robert B, 300 Elizabeth Park, Norfolk 2,
Eilers, Ben H, Box 4, Arrow Rock, Mo
Eilers, Wm A, 1729 Greenup St, Covington, Ky
Einstein, Malcolm, 85-10 34th Ave, Jackson Hts, N Y, N
Eisenthal, Jack, 2 Orchard St, New York, N Y
Ek, Norman A, 2445 N Newland Ave, Chicago, Ill
Elder, Frank R, 506 Gate Ave, Jonesboro, Ark
Eleftherion, Steven, 312 Horner St, Elmira, N Y
Elliott, Earl S, 204 J Northwest, Miami, Okla
Elliott, Edward A, 853 Southern Blvd, Bronx, N Y
Ellis, Aubrey C, Box 9, Waldoboro, Me
Ellis, Glover L, 504 Wallace Ave, Crawfordsville, Ind
Ellis, Robert H, P O Rock Springs, Ellicott City, Md
Ellsworth, Larwer D, 1939 Lincoln St, Salt Lake City, U
Elston, Lewis W, 1633 Elizabeth St, Wichita Falls, Tex
Emerson, James R, 8 S Bluff St, Fulton, Mo
Enders, Ivyl D, Rt 1, Fair Play, Mo
Engel, Charles E, 1705 Oakman Blvd, Detroit, Mich
English, Leroy S, 1225 2nd St, Beaver, Pa
Enstad, Edwin G, Rt 2, Alden, Minn
Eoff, Cecil L, 607 N Walnut, Harrison, Ark
Epstein, Welter C, 140 Riverside Dr, New York, N Y
Errato, Carmen A, 133 Adeline St, New Haven, Conn
Erisman, Louis W, Rt 2, Springfield, O
Esposito, Anthony P, 2344 Beaumont Ave, Bronx 57, N Y
Esquerra, Albert, 3600 Folsom St, Los Angeles 33, Calif
Etheridge, Hampton Jr, Hamburg, Ark
Evanoka, Andrew, 90 Crawtord St, Canonsburg, Pa
Evens, Robert P, Littleton, W Va
Evens, Wm B, 4407 Temecula St, San Diego, Calif
Evans, Wm M, 3052 Fairfield Ave, Cincinnati 6, O
Everett, Charles L, Rt 3, Maryville, Tenn
Everett, Zachary T, Rt 3, Vincennes, Ind
Evers, James H, P O Box 65, Shingle, Calif
Ewert, Ralph C, 1115 Jackson St, Wausaw, Wis
Facchin, Lyno H, Gen Del, Lexington, Va
Facchin, L M, 1801 S 2nd Ave, Arcadia, Calif
Falck, Jack, Rt 3 Box 371, Sebastopal, Calif
Falls, Jack M, 30 N Oldfield, Port Sanilac, Mich
Famiglio, George V, 1029 Morris St, Philadelphia 48, Pa
Farrell, James R, 272 Miramar Ave, San Francisco 12, Calif
Fay, Deane f, Columbus, N Dak
Feathers, Edward B, Grande Cts Apt 81, San Antonio,
Feeley, Andrew J, East Mt Carbon, Pottsville, Pa
Feldman. Benjamin, II Breeze, Venice, Calif
Ferges, Glenn, 1362 Normandy, Corpus Christi, Tex
Ferguson, Wilbur S, 1326 Pine St, Venice, Calif
Fernandez, Joseph, 217 Roosevelt Ave, Sunnyvale, Calif
Fers, Edward, 77 Farren Ave, New Haven, Conn
Ferra, Vernon, 131 S McCormick St, Prescott, Ariz
Field, Harry, 209 S Keystone, Stafford, Kans
Fields, Edison M, 137 Church St, Elkins, N C
Fields, Russell S, 1911 Chilton Dr, Glendale 1, Calif
Filano, Albert E, Weedville, Pa
Filiatreau, Joseph H, Rt 3, Bardstown, Ky
Fine, Kenneth F, Box 96, Hopkins, Mo
Fine, Marshall F, 8 Park Ct, Santa Clara, Calif
Firth, Ernest, 53 High St, Southbridge, Mass
Fischer, Sam, 119 W 71 St, New York 23, N Y
Fissel, Herman L F, 105 1/2 E Beaufort St, Normal, Ill
Fitchette, Richard S, Rt 2, LaFargeveville, N Y
Fitzsimmons, Orell, Gen Del, San Juan, Tex
Flaherty, Wm D, Cold Spring St, Belchertown, Mass
Flam, Murray, 133 E 52 St, Brooklyn 3, N Y
Flanagan, Theodore W, 176 Myrtle Ave, Jersey City 5, N J
Fleming, Clifford H, % B F Hembree, S Park, Cullman, Ale
Fleming, Wm A, 2700 Lancaster Ave, Wilmington 172, De
Flora, Virgil W, 440 N Virginia St, Prescott, Ariz
Flowers, Sam C, 1329 2nd Ave, Laurel, Mass
Floyd, Recil C, Rt 1, Iuka, Miss
Flusner, Roy D, Box 87, Basin, Wyo
Fogle, Edward Chas, 3584 Belmont St, Bellaire, O
Foley, Charles R, Alamo, Calif
Foman, Bill S, 4943 Reiger, Dallas 14, Tex
Footer, Eli, 1812 N Franlclin St, Philadelphia, Pa
Forcier, Carl W, Rt 1 Box 526, Kirkland, Wash
Ford, John C, 25 10th St, Bristol, Tenn
Forges, Willard C, 2406 S 6th St, St Louis, Mo
Formicheilo, Alfred E, 107 Orchard St, Summit, N J
Foster, Charles O, Rt 2, Hardin, Mo
Foster, Clarke C, % Foster Bros, P O Box 911, Decatur, Ill
Foster, Donald E, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D C
Foster, Earl E, 300 Blandin St, Fort Worth, Tex
Foster, Malcolm E, 63 Bush St, Ashland, Ore
Foust, Charles C, 49 Sagamore St, Manchester, N H
Fowler, Marvin D, Delta, Iowa
Fox, Raymond B, 1657 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, N J
Fox, Sidney, 1684 Grand Concourse, Bronx 57, N Y
Franklin, Loyd W, 108 Huntsman Ave, Lexington, Tenn
Franchesi, Nello, Box 43 Hazzard Pa, Monogahela, Pa
Francis, Dorman E, Planters State Bank, Salina, Kans
Franklin, Roy L, 388 Virginia Ave, Welch, W Va
Frascino, Angelo J, 20 Marlow St, Rochester, N Y
Fravola, Angelo, 286 Nelson Ave, Great Kills, L I, N Y
Frazer, Harry G Jr, 101 Rochelle Ave, Monroe, La
Freeman, Charles E, 1836 Cass Ave, St Louis 6, Mo
Freeman, Leo C, Rt 2, Cuttingsville, Vt
French, Arthur H, Rt Box 24, West Ridge, N H
French, James R, Rt 1, Dyersburg, Tenn
French, Phillip N, 55 Mendum St, Roslindale, Mass
Frenier, Lyman F, 37 Pleasant St, Southbridge, Mass
Friedlander, Willard, 101 E 59th St, New York 53, N Y
Frigerio, Victor D, 355 Kingsland Ave, Lyndhurst, N J
Froehlich, Wesley P, 641 Linden Ave, Rahway, N J
Frost, Donald M, 511 S Main St, Maquoketa, Is
Frye, Frederick R, Holden, Mo
Frye, Milton B, 87 N Ave Apt 5, Mount Clemens, Mich
Funk, Lawrence L, 719 W Barber St Rt 3, Hartford City, Ind
Funnell, Elsworth, Rt 1, Niles, Mich
Fusco, Bartolomeo J, 38-06 29th St, Long Island City, N Y
Fusco, Morris J Jr, 67 Orawaupuril St, White Plains, N Y
Gabbert, Wm B, 309 Ross Ave, Mart, Tex
Gafford, John P, 16 Dunbar St, Montgomery, Ala
Gagliardi, Philip, 1626 S Rosewood St, Philadelphia, Pa
Gahan, Edward J, 12 Derby Ave, Seymour, Conn
Gaither, Edwin S, 25 Woodlawn Ave, Uniontown, Pa
Galbrecht, Norman A, 336 S Bluff, Janesville, Wis
Galey, Wayne W, 124 W Pike St, Crawfordsville, Ind
Gallagher, Chas G, 8601 Clark Ave, Cleveland, O
Gallagher, John B, 714 7th St, Charleroi, Pa
Gallant, Robert A, 22 Carroll St, Chelsea, Mass
Gallo, Alfred E Jr, 1826 McClellan St, Philadelphia, Pa
Ganje, Edward R, Box 206, Eagle Butte, S Dak
Garcia, Manuel R, 56 E 98 St, New York, N Y
Garcin, John A Jr, 39 Harvard St, Brockton, Mass
Gardner, Harold R, Kersey, Pa
Garner, John R, 6652 Washington Ave, University City, MI
Garrigus, Norman F, 2022 E 5th St, Tucson, Ariz
Garrison, James T, Littleton, W Va
Garrity, James J, 362 Ivy Lane, Englewood, N J
Gasper, Oswald J, 1753 S Talbott Ave, Indianapolis 2, Ind
Gass, Harold D Jr, 4200 Prescott Ave, Lyons, Ill
Gassel, Seymour, 4845 N Drake Ave, Chicago, Ill
Gast, Edward Jr, 2722 Lindsey Ave, Louisville 6, Ky
Gates, Donald E, Rt 3 Box 31, Mohall, N Dak
Gathings, Maxwell I, 424 N Center St, Arlington, Tex
Gay, Ernest K, 910 Bianco St, Austin, Tex
Gaylor, Avon M, Rt 1, La Follette, Tenn
Gee, Wm H, Box 108, Call, Tex
Geller, Marshall S, 2649 W Carmen Ave, Chicago, Ill
Gentile, Timothy F, 86-36 S Aberdeen St, Chicago, Ill
Gentry, Claude R, Rt 2 Box 58, Shreveport, La
Georgatos, Geo S, 566 Pleasant St, Coatings, Calif
George, Alvin T, Rt 1, Stone Mountain, Ga
Gerrish, David C, 3 Spur Rd Hilldale, Edina, Minn
Gerrity, Richard A, 758 N Bentry St, Frankfort, Ind
Gerson, Harry, 2550 S 9th St, Philadelphia, Pa
Gerwick, James A, 1714 Grand Ave, Toledo, O
Gibbs, Edward H, Perkins, Michigan
Gibson, Richard M, 1869 S Ilth E, Salt Lake City, Utah
Gieker, John W, P O Box 128, Barry, I11
Gilbertson, Bruce E, 17 N 62nd Ave W, Duluth, Minn
Gillen, Wm H, 2723 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati 20, O
Gillert, Geo W, 323 Wheeler St, Saginaw, Mich
Gillis, Marvin B, Rice Hall Cornell Univ, Ithaca, N Y
Gilmore, Donnel L, 728 N 7th St, E St Louis, Ill
Gilroy, Thomas R, 228 Grant Ave, East Newark, N J
Gilson, Charles P Jr, 2204 Harrison St, Evanston, Ill
Giordano, Amedeus Jr, 336 Reading Ave, Barrington, N J
Giracello, Joseph, 31 Erie St, Jersey City 2, N J
Gisleson, Clifford O, Rt 1 Box 38, Elgin, Is
Giuna, Carman, 1136 Weebash Ave, Youngstown, O
Gladden, Eldon, 230 E 84th St, Los Angeles, Calif
Gladden, Geo L, Rt 1 Box 330, Bridgeport, Ind
Gladfelter, Logan B Jr, 817 Beach St, Kewanee, Ill
Gladieux, Joseph F, 717 Bryan St, Chillicothe, Mo
Gladke, Nicholas, 98 Jefferson St, Yonkers, N Y
Glassburn, Earl L, Box 67, Craig, Cole
Gledhill, James H Jr, Rt 1, Greenwich, N Y
Glick, Herbert H, Box 124, Arlington, O
Glockner, Elmo E, 710 Boston St, Covington, La
Glordano, Amedevs Jr, 336 Reading Ave, Barrington, N J
Glover, Warren G, 1930 Swift St, Houston, Tex
Glubke, Howard T, 601 13th Ave N E, Minneapolis, Minn
Gnagey, John W Jr, 514 S Center Ave, Somerset, Pa
Gnatkowski, Albert W, 411 Seventh, Jackson, Mich
Goessling, Edward F, 4365 Chouteau Ave, St Louis 10, Mo
Goggin, W Benson, 3 Storey P1, Jamacia Plain 30, Mass
Gold, Morton, 3743 Glynn Ct, Detroit, Mich
Goldenson, Leonard, 320 W 86th St, New York City, N Y
Golson, Wyatte Jr, 227 Liberty St, Pensacola, Fla
Goldstein, Wm H, 5220 Harper Ave, Chicago 15, Ill
Goldsworthy, Robert F, Rosalia, Wash
Gomez, Ralph M, 18851/2 Pacific Blvd, Long Beach, Calif
Gonsalves, Leo W, 19 Belmont St, Woburn, Mass
Goode, James W, 18244 Parkside, Detroit, Mich
Gooden, Richard F, 300 S Liberty, Elgin, Ill
Goodman, John W, Monette, Ark
Goodman, Winston H, Franklin, Tex
Goodson, Wanless M. Davy, W Va
Gordon, Dick, Rt 2, Hagerstown, Maryland
Gordon, Herbert, Rt 1 Box 104, Carpin Teria, Calif
Gore, Francis J, Delaware Dr, Matamoras, Pa
Goshulak, Leon, 11 St Mark's P1, New York City 3, N Y
Gosnell, Otho D, Box 1214, Roseburg, Ore
Gossard, Robert L, Claremont, Minn
Grabovich, Steve, 502 S Ohio Ave, Columbus, O
Gradert, Victor C, 429 W 6th St, Newton, Kans
Graef, Wayne A, Rt 5, Dover, O
Gramps, Glenn Allyn 437 D St, Lemoore, Calif.
Grant, John Barrett, E Putnam Ave, Greenwich, Conn
Graves, Charles C, Rt 3, McKinney, Tex
Gray, Hewert G, 510 W Washington St, Champaign, I11
Gray, Robert R, P O Box 24, Wells, Nevada
Greeley, Norman, Rt 1, Auburn, Me
Green, David, 4933 Ella St, Philadelphia 20, Pa
Green, Joseph C, Rt 2, Oktaha, Okla
Greene, Martin L, 1412 Chelton Ave, Pittsburgh 26, Pa
Greene, Stanley M, 102 N Formosa Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Greene, Thomas G, 4800 Bradley Blvd, Chevy Chase, Md
Greene, Thomas G, 429 W 5th St, Hays, Kans
Greene, Wm E, 127 S Jackson, Jalisbury, N C
Greenhouse, Franklyn S, 3760 Lawrence Ave, Chicago, Ill
Greer, Charles W, Rt 2, Atwood, Tenn
Gregson III, John LeRoy, 202 N Trenton St, Arlington, Va
Gregg, Jarvis R, Athens, Tex
Gresett, Hubert, Box 143, Iola, Tex
Gresko, Stephen J, 701 Raymond St, Philadelphia, Pa
Griffin, Charles C, Box 213 Waits Springs Fla
Griffith, Earl H Jr, 537 Beechwood Ave, Collingdale, Pa
Grinstead, Richard J, 305 22nd St, Birminpham, Ala
Grizzell, Willard, 2300 E 5th Ave, Columbus, O
Groby, Gordon L, 118-92 Riverton, St Albans 12, L I, N Y
Groff, John J, 351W Scale St, Reedsville, N C
Grotrusen, James F, 2526 23rd Ave, Melline, Ill
Grosse, W R, % Grosse and Son, Mason, Tex
Grove, Paul W, 126 E Nittany Ave, St College, Pa
Groves, Geo C, 1731 Clarkson St, Baltimore 30, Md
Grund, Frank A, 834 N 36 St, Council Bluffs, Ia
Grunden, Wesley E, 1205 W Jefferson St, Willington, Kans
Grundon, Herbert R Jr, 1715 Walnut St, Harrisburg, Pa
Guba, Frank A Jr, 535 Wychwood Rd, Westfield, N J
Gucciardo, Frank, 11524 Delano St, N Hollywood, Calif
Gudeika, John T, 46 Butler St, Brooklyn, N Y
Guilbert, Gerald R, 228 E Orvis St, Massena, N Y
Gulick, Armand W, Whiting, Ia
Gunnarson, Kenneth I, 2831 Liberty Ave, Ogden, Utah
Gurzynski, Eugene F, 77 Page St, Buffalo 7, N Y
Guthman, Alien A, 214 W 108 St, New York, N Y
Haas, Raymond 0, 653 S Seguin St, New Braunfels ,Tex
Haas, Willis R, 717 E 7th St, Mishawaka, Ind
Habermehl, Donald M, 1613 Linden Ct, Ypsilanti, Mich
Habernell, Donald M, Herron, Mich
Hack, Sidney S, 2677 44th St, Milwaukee, Wis
Hacker, Don J, 753 E 79th St, Chicago 19, Ill
Hackleman, James W, Rt 1, Greenfield, Ind
Hafley, Earl, Palmerdale, Ala
Hagen, Donald Victor, 1424 W Clarke Ave, Spokane, Wash
Hagy, Glenn S, 8 N 6th St, Denver, Pa
Hain, James H, 108 Monroe Ave, Wenonah, N J
Hale, Richard W, 818 W 23rd St, Kearney, Nebr
Haley, Harold J, 711 Vley Rd, 4162, Schenectady, N Y
Haley, Hostetter J D, 6820 Delmar Blvd, University City, Mo
Hall, Averal N, Rt 1, Rochester, Tex
Hall, Everett W Jr, 359 Genesse St, Utica, N Y
Hall, John H, 175 North St, Wallingford, Conn
Hall, Robert J, 100 Cemnial Ave, Kearny, N J
Hallberg, Clifford L, 925 S 2nd St, St Charles, Ill
Haller, Raymond J, P O Box 82, Huntington Beach, Calif
Halperin, Meyer, A, 1524 S Karlov Ave, Chicago 23, Ill
Halstead, Howard C, 550 S Broad St, Jersey Shore, Pa
Halusek, Andrew B, 5344 S Mills, Chicago, Ill
Ham, Charles P, 1515 Francis St, Albany 6, Calif
Hamlin, Earl W, 1200 Sunset View Dr, Akron, O
Hammond, Durward T, Zebulon, Ga
Hammond, Henry B, 1874 University Ave, New York, N Y
Hancox, Arthur L, Box 105, Big Bear City, Calif
Hanft, James F, 266 Bird Ave, Sidney, N Y
Hanlen, Paul M, 7252 Forsythe Ave, St Louis, Mo
Hanlon, Wm D, 430 14th St, Welleville, O
Hannon, James W, 242 Washington Ave, Belleville, N J
Hannum, Harold T, 234 Davis Ave, Linwood, N J
Hansen, Donald E, 1010 S Rose, Stuttgart, Ark
Hansen, Grover J, 7818 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, Ill
Hanson, Donald M, 5899 Nina P1, St Louis, Mo
Hanson, Eldon K, Rt 1, Sciota, Ill
Hanzal, Joseph A, 2322 S 31 St, Omaha 5, Nebr
Harazin, Robert Jr, 9000 Fairview Ave, Brookfield, Ill
Hardtarfer, Leslie, 1846 Maine St, Lawrence, Ken
Hardwave, Norris H, Rt 4, Box 550, Corsicana, Tex
Hare, Alfred, 317 College Ave, Ithaca, N Y
Hare, J W, 1724 Fairfield Ave, Shreveport 15, La
Hare, Wm A, 708 Aurora St, Ithaca, N Y
Hargis, Wm J Jr, 2709 Parkwood Ave, Richmond 20, Va
Hargrave, Aaron H Jr, 11757 Griggs Ave, Detroit, Mich
Harke, Arthur D Jr, 7731 W 66th St, Argo, Ill
Harkin, Michael C, Rt 1, Twelve Mile, Ind
Harkness, Thomas, 58 Upland Rd, West Lawn, Pa
Harnett, John J, 384 E 136th St, New York 54, N Y
Harr, Bruce, 133 Church St, Pleasant Unity, Pa
Harrell, Wm C Jr, Lewisburg, Ky
Harriman, Clarence W, 85 Middlesex St, Bradford, Mass
Harris, Carroll C, Prairieton, Ind
Harris, Earl E, 83-50 256th St Floral Park No, L I, N Y
Harris, Eugene W, 2710 E 43rd St, Chattanooga 7, Tenn
Harris, John A, Rt 1, Scotch Plains, N J
Harrison, Cail J, 4112 Normandy Ave, Dallas, Tex
Harrison, Earl V, 980 Simpson Ave, Salt Lake City 5, Utah
Harrison, Wm H, 307 Lindenwood Ave, Topeka, Kans
Hart, Alexander S, % Mrs Carl Hartke, Hawley, Minn
Hart, Robert N, 3729 Cheerywood Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Harwood, Eugene R, 505 Union, Colorado Springs Cole
Haslen, John E, 1625 Glenwood Rt Rt 3, Columbia S C
Hatch, Horace E, Woods Cross, Utah
Hatfield, Alvin K, 7224 Forest Ave, Philadelphia, Pa
Hattervig, Noble H, Rt 1, Vobory, S Dak
Haught, Paul A, 50 West St, Salem, W Va
Hauptman, Wm H, 603 N Mulberry St, Hagerstown, Md
Hauserman, Emil, 334 Wellington Ave, Chicago 14, Ill
Havens, Earl J, 202 W 6th St, Dallas 8, Tex
Hawkins, Melvin, 306 E Walnut, Independence, Mo
Hawkins, Ulys D, Canute, Okla
Hayden, Howard L, 402 7th St, Salem, Va
Hayes, Robert F, 603 Burch St, Indianapolis 3, Ind
Haygod, Carroll M, 416 E 17th St, Cheyenne, Wyo
Hays, Hale W, 1505 N W 30th St, Oklahoma City, Okla
Heaton, James A, 97 Rosedale, Buffalo, N Y
Heckman, C E, 4310 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, Calif
Heffner, Jack L, 702 E 3rd St, Williamsport, Pa
Heiberger, Ed F, 2524 Broadway, Dubuque, Ia
Heinrichs, Ed A, 321 W Lambright St, Tampa 4, Fla
Helms, Howard W, 852 Pacine St, Menadia, Wis
Hemingway, Thomas C, 811 Lowell St, Ypsilanti, Mich
Hemkens, Ed B, 2208 Madison St, St Louis 6, Mo
Henderson, Charles, 470 Bergen St, Brooklyn 17, N Y
Henderson, Zebe Dee, 2850 Aster St, Dallas 11, Tex
Hendricks, Omer H, 1818 N Ricketts, Sherman, Tex
Henning, Robert C, 76 Davis St, Orchard Park, N Y
Henry, Arthur Joseph, 19 Gilbert Terrace, Hatboro, Pa
Henry, Lawrence L, P O Box 686, Langley Field, Va
Henry, Wm R, 413 Ruth St, Orlando, Fla
Henschel, Wallace, 2040 Cortland, Detroit, Mich
Henson, Fred B, 5329 Kolb, Houston, Tex
Henssler, Francis V, 3451 Bryant St, Denver 11, Cole
Hergenreder, Larry P, 804 W Iron St, Saline, Kans
Herhold, Richard H, 4936 Labadie Ave, St Louis 15, Mo
Hering, Paul A, Box 479 Cedarville Rd, Millville, N J
Hernandez, Rosendo L, 634 S 5th St, Kansas City, Kans
Herndon, John M, Box 102, Staunton, Va
Herold, Bruno R, Box 26, Hammond, Ore
Herold, Russell, 31 Tulip St, Bristol, Conn
Herring, Calvin S, 17 C Phillips St, Coaldale, Pa
Hersland, John, 3004 Heather Downs, Toledo 9, O
Herweg, Eugene J, 1157 North St, Peoria, Ill
Hesselbach, Leroy J, 5225 College Ave, St Louis, Mo
Hester, Edwin C, Colquitt, Ga
Hetrick, Donald C, 1000 Poplar St, Atlantic, Ia
Hewitt, Donald G, 648 N 8th St, Milwaukee 3, Wis
Hickey, George M, 111 Depot St, Ridgeway, Pa
Hietala, Otta A, 710 N Howard, Kellogg, Ida
Hilgendorf, Rolland M, Lincoln, Kans
Hill, Harry A Jr, Enterprise, Okla
Hill, John H, Rt 1, Hardin, Ky
Hill, Vernon W, Rt 3 Piney Woods, Wilmington, N C
Hill, Waiter I, 59 Village Hill Rd, Belmount, Mass
Hillestad, Cecil H, Box 601, Tallassee 5, Ala
Hillis, Charles R, Atkins, Ark
Hillman, Geo E, 410 Stanford Ave, Westview, Pitts, Pa
Hinch, Morten F, 809 4th St S E, Minneapolis, Minn
Hinderks, Wardell E, 4120 E 51st Terrace, Kansas City, Mo
Hinders, Fred, 701 2nd Ave, Sibley, Ia
Hinten, Alien R, 1513 Alameda Ave, Lakewood 7, O
Hinebaugh, James C, Hinebaugh's Restaurant, Oakland, Md
Hisle, Wm H, Goldfield, Nev
Hively, Richard D, 116 E Crawford St, Elkhart, Ind
Hobens, David J, 164 Hudson Ave, Englewood, N J
Hockenberry, Samuel B, 452 S High St, Lock Haven, Pa
Hedge, Canty L, Rt 1, Bishopville, S C
Hedge, Wm S, 750 Fulton St, San Antonio, Tex
Heeh, Richard W, 2020 Texas Ave, Houston, Tex
Hoffman, Bernard H, 852 Lakeside P1, Chicago, I11
Hoffman, Lawrence, 714 42nd St, Brooklyn, N Y
Hoffman, Peter F, 88 Franklin St, Jersey City 7, N J
Hoffman, Robert A, 3453 Colwyn Rd, Shaker Heights, O
Hoffmaster, Charles F, Liberty Rd, Randallstown, Md
Hogg, John, Rt 1, La Grange, Ga
Hogue, Daniel J, Rt 5, Meadville, Pa
Hoke, Herman A, Rt 2, Flat Rock, Ill
Holbrook, Geo H, 809 Winchester Ave, Ashland, Ky
Holcomb, Lawrence F, Rt 1 Rainbow Add, Kelso, Wash
Holdridge, Curtis J, Rt 3, Altus, Tex
Holland, Bernard S, 1944 Kentucky, San Antonio 1, Tex
Holliday, Rudolph Jr, 1312 Beckett Ave, Cambridge, O
Holloway, Ambert, 717 Woodrow Ave, Oildaile, Calif
Holmes, Donald R, Storm Lake, Ia
Holmes, Robert E, 516 E Jackson, Harlingen, Tex
Holter, Oliver S, 1014 13th Ave S, Minneapolis, Minn
Hondzynski, Harry F, 7206 Canton Ave, Cleveland 5, O
Honse, Waiter T, 2816 E Franklin St, Richmond, Va
Hood, Raymond F, 615 W 2nd St, Sedalia, Mo
Hood, Wm R, 16 W 3rd St, Pottstown, Pa
Hoover, Harlan H, 342 4th Ave, Venice, Calif
Hoover, John C, 1022 Dreyfus St, Columbia, S C
Hoover, Lee M, 39 Crysler Rt 5, Independence, Mo
Hopper, Roy J, P O Box 615, Concord, Calif
Horn, Vincent A, 63 Hortense St, Rochester, N Y
Home, Geo E Jr, 50 Pine St, Leicester, Mass
Horwitz, H R, 242 W 76th St, New York, N Y
Houchins, Glenn D, 709 Muldrow St, Mexico, Mo
House, Glenn R, 329 Cortland St, Groton, N Y
Hovland, Theodore, Jr, Box 446, Bloomer, Wis
Howard, Stephen G, 264 W Godfrey Ave, Philadelphia, Pa
Howarth, Gerard, 369 Elm St, Kearney, N J
Howell, Robert E, 4612 Guilford Ave, Detroit 24, Mich
Hower, Charles H, 301E Church, Masontown, Pa
Howlett, Darrell J, 2430 Crittenden Dr, Louisville, Ky
Hoyer, Horst G, 176 Weston Rd, Rochester, N Y
Hubbard, Geo H, 601 Washington Ave, West Haven, Conn
Hubbard, Robert L, % A Sd R Co, Hayden, Ariz
Hubert, Norman V, 21 Francis St, Waterville, Me
Huddleston, Frank E, Horace, Kans
Hudson, Thomas R, 7224 Cornell Ave, University City, Md
Huefer, Marvin, Rt 1, Michigantown, Ind
Huffman, Vinton M, Denton, Nebr
Hufty, Richard M, 3925 Morrison St NW, Washington, D C
Hughes, Geo E, 11 Washington St, Greenwich, N J
Huhta, Elmer, 337 Karr Ave, Hoquiam, Wash
Hull, Milton F, Greensburg, Ind
Hultgrew, Claes L Jr, 455 Shelburne, Riverside, Ill
Humes, Richard W, 407 East Sale St, Tuscola, Ill
Hummell, Richard A, 5735 Waveland Ave, Chicago 34, Ill
Hunley, Raymond I, 359 Upton St, Dallas, Tex
Hunter, John M, Rt 2 Sardis Rd, Charlotte, N C
Huseby, Reynold J, 3627 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, Minn
Hutsell, Dale V, 2301 Hall Rd, Independence, Mo
Huyck, Earl R, 3740 N Mozart St, Chicago, Ill
Iabone, Joseph E, 658 Plymouth Ave, N Rochester, N Y
Ingram, John L, Box 191, Kirkwood, Ill
Inkala, Earl W, 2019 2nd Ave, N Minneapolis, Minn
Inman, Alien R, 3907 N 9th St, Philadelphia 40, Pa
Ipiotis, Ted, 1818 E Central Ave, Albuquerque, N Mex
Iraggi, Ignatius P, 246 Elizabeth St, New York, N Y
Irby, Geo T, P O Box 3184, Odessa, Tex
Ironrope, Peter, Hisle, S Dak
Irving, John E D, Kirk Rd, Montchanin, Del
Isham, Roy K, 913 W 6th St, Amarillo, Tex
Iwanowski, Edgar 0, 521 Main St, Jacksonville, Fla
Jacks, Bedford Earl, 1407 2nd North St, Vicksburg, Mass
Jacksland, Reinold L, 1530 12th St, Rockford, Ill
Jackson, Donald G, 636 Macon Rd, Griffin, Ga
Jackson, Donald W, Box 371, Skowhegan, Me
Jackson, Harlan C, 150 Erie St South, Wichita, Kans
Jackson, Harry Jr, 512 N Kedgie Ave, Chicago, Ill
Jackson, Melvin, 1515 10th St Apt 3, Sacramento, Calif
Jackson, Oliver S, Pleasant View, Cole
Jacobs, Sidney J, 84-47 259 St, Floral Park, N Y
Jaenicke, Kurt M, 1220 N Main St, Rockford, Ill
James, Samuel G, 2409 Lister Ave, Kansas City, Mo
Jameson, Benjamin E, 5419 Jackson St, Houston, Tex
Jameson, Irwin B, 639 S Commonwealth, Los Angeles, Calif
Janecek, Geo, 1131 W Scott St, Milwaukee, Wis
Janosko, John J, 64-46 Alderton St, Forest Hills, L I, N Y
Jans, Melvin, Drake, N Dak
Jaynes, Thomas R, 578 Moreland Ave S E, Atlanta, Ga
Jenkins, Duane G, 217 Schumard, Waymart, Pa
Jenkins, Elmer E, Box  284, Pratt, Kans
Jenkinson, Frank F, 112 Dow Ave, Mineola, L I, N Y
Jennings, Clifton J, 3 Orchard St, Wellesley Hills 82, Mass
Jimeneg, Raul S, 1310 S Hackberry St, San Antonio 3, Tex
Jines, Vernon W, 1510 S Centennial, Indianapolis, Ind
Johannes, Donald L, 530 N 5th St, Seward, Nebr
Johnsen, John H, 140 Crystal Ave, Staten Island 2, N Y
Johnson, Amold C, 687 S 8th St, San Jose, Calif
Johnson, Arthur E, 876 Hawthorne St, Ypsilante, Mich
Johnson, Benjamin C, 741 Pearce St, Memphis, Tenn
Johnson, David A, 2017 Hillside No, Minneapolis, Minn
Johnson, Ellis, Rt 1, Nutwood, O
Johnson, Elmer A, P O Box 51, Fortune, Calif
Johnson, Henry Carl, 2437 N Kildare Ave, Chicago 39, Ill
Johnson, John Reuben, 566 10th Court, Tampa, Fla
Johnson, John Roy, 1513 Cole, Wichita Falls, Tex
Johnson, John R, % Glen La Mont, Turon, Kans
Johnson, John R, Box 171, Ruford, Ga
Johnson, Harold, 3808 Astoria Blvd, L I 3, N Y
Johnson, Kenneth L, Nachuse, Ill
Johnson, Orrick F, 104 Lewis St, Fredericksburg, Va
Johnson, Perryman L Jr, 100 N Seminole, Bartlesville, Okla
Johnson, Ralph R, Box 359, Sweetwater, Tex
Johnson, Richard C, 2117 S Spaulding, Los Angeles, Calif
Johnson, Russell L, Box 213, Chauncey, O
Johnston, Harold I, 140 E Dartmouth St, Englewood, Colo
Johnston, Harry C, Island St, Lonaconing, Md
Johnston, Lester E, Rt 1, Logan, Kans
Johnston, Raymond E, 401 Ledge Rd, Seekonk, Mass
Jojoczyk, Edward S, 2979 E 59th St, Cleveland, O
Jones, Charles W, 1322 Woodbine P1, Ft Wayne, Ind
Jones, David F, 411N 3rd St, Aberdeen, S Dak
Jones, Donald J, 356 Whittler Ave, Joliet, Ill
Jones, Ernest B, Big Lake, Tex
Jones, Harold R, 39 Prospect St, Oneida, N Y
Jones, Jack E, 10 Mineral St, Ridgeley, W Va
Jones, John J, Minnesota Lake, Minn
Jones, John M Jr, 302 Frances St, Teaneck, N J
Jones, John R, Rt 2, Lake Ariel, Pa
Jones, Morrell E, 1154 S Pershing, Wichita 9, Kans
Jones, Robert N, Rt 7 Box 207, San Antonio, Tex
Jones, Ronald, 41 Spoffard Ave, Dolgeville, N Y
Jones, Ross J, Adamsburg, Pa
Jones, Rudon, Box 51, Perryville, Ark
Jones, Wm R, 3370 1/2 S Bdwy St, Englewood, Calif
Jorden, Jay H, Box 523, Rosenberg, Tex
Josey, Bruce, 262 Wilson St, Statesville, N C
Jovanovich, Arthur, 1423 Phelps St, Ottawa, Ill
Judell, Robert L, 1535 N Las Palmas, Hollywood 28, Calif
Junkins, Charles T, Rt 1, Weston, O
Justice, Geo E, Bishop, Va
Kaestner, Robert E, 1554 Main St, Worchester, Mass
Kahn, Leonard A, 2470 64th St, Brooklyn 4, N Y
Kain, John J, 29 Ellis Rd, Swampsott, Mass
Kahoun, Thomas F, 6825 S Bishop St, Chicago, Ill
Kain, Robert F, Rt 2, Fredericksburg, Va
Kalb, Bernard G, Box 145, Millersville, Md
Kallenberger, Robert L, 3254 Orchard Ave, Davenport, Ia
Kaltenbaugh, Charles, Rt 1, Sandy Lake, Pa
Kamp, Robt W, 5930 S Marshfield Ave, Chicago 36, Ill
Kandris, Chris K, Box 722, Green River, Wyo
Kane, John J, 171 Radford St, Yonkers 5, N Y
Kangas, John F, % H J Kangas, Floodwood, Minn
Kangles, Gustave A, Walworth, Wis
Kanpp, Allan D Jr, 551 W Townview Circle, Mansfield, O
Kappil, Lou C, 30 Lithgow St, Winslow, Me
Karagannix, Peter D, 1759 61 St, Brooklyn, N Y
Karkos, Frank, Rm 53 Tavern Hotel, Lewiston, Me
Karp, Edwin, 1765 Townsend Ave, New York, N Y
Karyus, Wallace K, 1511 Kingston Ave, N Tonawanda, N Y
Kaspar, Robert S, 628 Wenonah Ave, Oak Park, Ill
Kauffman, Harvard D, 1327 Carlos Ave, Burlingame, Calif
Kawzynski, Leonard J, 4868 Concord P1, Chicago, 111
Keane, James P, 1947 Sergenat St, St Paul, Minn
Keecitel, Earl D, 1354 5th Ave W, Seattle, Wash
Keene, Waiter B, 523 Kennewick Ave, Kennewick, Wash
Keener, Robert C, 1252 Dayton St, Akron, O
Kehoe, Wm J Jr, 473 Grand Ave, Leonia, N J
Keith, Orville T, 1514% Bell St, Lawton, Okla
Keller, Edward R, 5676 Brandon St, Detroit, Mich
Keller, Edward S, 2425 Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa
Keller, Leroy E, 2453 A North 6th St, Milwaukee, Wis
Kelly, James P, 553 Couldwell Ave, Bronx, N Y
Kelly, John C, 159 Alabama St, Buffalo, N Y
Kempf, Albert F, Alpena, S Dak
Kennedy, Edward J, 21 Richmond St, Cohoes, N Y
Kenner, Irwin J, 53 Redwing St, Providence, R I
Kenny, Patrick Jr, 3442 28th St, L I, N Y
Kent, Robert J, 39 Ellsworth Ave, Trenton 8, N J
Kepka, Edward J, 220 Voegtley St, Pittsburgh, Pa
Kerkes, Wm F, 102 E Arora St, Ironwood, Mich
Kerr, Frederick C, 800 Central Ave, Dunkirk, N Y
Kianka, John P, 227 Raymond St, Rockville Center, N Y
Kibler, Wilbur L, Rt 2, Wateroliet, Mich
Kidda, Wm B, 1730 N Park Ave, Philadelphia 25, Pa
Kidrick, Eugene D, 2001 E 4th St, Superior, Wis
Killeen, Thomas P, 2707 Sedgwick Ave, New York, N Y
Killum, Orien P, 400 Pacific Ave, New Orleans, La
Kimmell, Harold R, 437 S Ardmore Ave, Villa Park, Ill
King, Ivory P Jr, Maple Ave Ex Rt 6, Burlington, N C
King, Orian R, Rochester Rd Box 175 Rt 1, Pittsburgh, Pa
King, Richard T Jr, Apt L Mirasol Hotel, Tampa, Fla
King, Roy, Gainsville, Fla
Kinneman, Welter W Jr, 2413 Chancy St, Clinton, Ia
Kinney, Wm F, Rt 3, Newton, N J
Kircher, Raymond E, Rt 1, Indianola, Ind
Kirsnis, Edmond R, 441W Broad St, Paulsboro, N J
Kittle, Elijah M, Bolington, W Va
Klein, Geo L, 58 Primrose Dr, New Hyde Park, N Y
Klein, Harry, 453 Robinson St, Pittsburgh, Pa
Klein, Herman, 714 Jackson St, Philadelphia, Pa
Kletzkin, Robert J, 39 Ellsworth Ave, Trenton, N J
Klock, James R, Ancram, N Y
Klokus, Waiter, 65 Miller St, Wilkes Barre, Pa
Klos, Edward F, 254 Church Ave, Pittsburgh 10, Pa
Klotz, Geo M, Shelton Hotel, New York 17, N Y
Klotz, John J, 2121 Penn Ave, Joplin, Mo
Knechtel, Earl D, 1924 5th Ave W, Seattle 99, Wash
Knell, Chas E, 1514 Sheffield Rd, Baltimore, Md
Knowles, Geo E, 244 Ilth Ave, Hopkins, Minn
Kobylinski, Henry J, 3315 Chestnut St, Duluth, Minn
Kocanda, Leroy J, 1629 W 21st St, Chicago 8, Ill
Koch, Everett A, 246 W Whiting, Fullerton, Calif
Koehler, Roland R, 1227 S Verde St, Tacoma 6, Wash
Koert, Henry P, 6 Chadwick St, Paterson, N J
Kohn, Norman R, 3334 W 66th P1, Chicago, Ill
Kolb, Charles R, % Mercy Hospital, Vicksburg, Miss
Koldyee, Neil L, 1712 16th St N W, Washington, D C
Kolesh, Victor A, 4 View St, Worchester 4, Mass
Kolins, Jack T, 1704 Ottawa Ave, Akron 5, O
Kolbo, Neal B, 2014 N 9th St, Boise, Ida
Komaromy, Steve, Box 188, Boston, Pa
Konieczny, Louis S, 516 S Kenwood Ave, Baltimore 24, Md
Konowitz, Norton, 23 Granada P1, Montclair, N J
Koren, Emanuel, 1863 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn 12, N Y
Korsmo, Oscar N, 3129 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis, Minn
Kosar, Milton, 2500 S Drake Ave, Chicago, Ill
Kosior, Leo F, 692 Pine St, Central Falls, R I
Kovak, August, 2200 Market St, New Kingstron, Pa
Kowalski, Joseph S, 324 Orange St, Albany, N Y
Krajewski, Anthony, 147 N Main St, Terryville, Conn
Krasnow, Ralph, 116 Longhill St, Springfield 8, Mass
Kraus, Geo C, Rt 3, St Cloud, Minn
Krauschaar, Robert J, 813 Gerard Ave, Bronx, N Y
Krawitz, Joseph, 416 Wohler Ave, Buffalo, N Y
Kreshover, Wm, 483 Georgia Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Krisinger, Albert C, 1415 Franklin St, Bellingham, Wash
Krochmal, Michael, 185 Burnett Ave, Maplewood, N J
Krouse, Alfred J, 618 1/2Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, N J
Krueger, Theodore R, Box 185, Smithville, Tex
Kruml, Raymond E, Rt 2, Hinsdale, Ill
Kruse, Stanley W, 601 Walnut Ave, Syracuse, N Y
Krutsch, Joseph M, 2609 E Admiral Blvd, Tulsa, Okla
Krzystofiak, Casimir J, 7223 W 62nd P1, Argo, Ill
Kuhn, Guy W, Box 5, Hadley, Pa
Kuhnert, Arthur A, 4147 Flad Ave, St Louis, Mo
Kundin, Lawrence, 1049 Hall P1, Bronx 59, N Y
Kunz, Melvin F, Stockton, Ill
Kurtz, James A, Box 457, Sheridan, Wyo
Kutylo, Joseph S, 432 Keystone Dr, New I~nsington, Pa
Kweller, Morris, 524 Sheffield Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
LaBarge, George N, 18 Lincoln St, Pontiac, Mich
Lackman, Geo Jr, Moorhead, Minn
LaChappelle, Jack L, 223 E Cedar St, Burbank, Calif
La Fevre, William H, 1809 Lincoln St, Wilmington, Del
Lake, George W, Brandon, Vt
Lamarche, Austin W, 6125 No W Highway, Chicago 31, Ill
Lamastus, Shirley, Riverside, Ky
Lambeth, John A Jr, 42nd E Hickory St, Arcadia, Fla
Lambert, Lester C, 1421N Welton Rd, Hollywood, Calif
Lamkin, Robert B, Emmerton, Va
Lampe, Merlyn, 4876 Sacramento Ave, St Louis 15, Mo
Lammert, Chas F R, 14 Hillcrest Ave, New Rochelle, N Y
Lance, Charles H, Nutter Fost, W Va
Landaker, Welter E Jr, 513 Columbia Dr Apt 3, Tampa, Fla
Landes, Herbert E, 225 E Jeffrey P1, Columbus 2, O
Landsman, Richard M, 2626 Speedway, Austin, Tex
Landstein, Martin, 5324 Berks St, Philadelphia, Pa
Lane, Harold R, Hokah, Minn
Lang, Martin, 103 Indiana Ave, Long Beach, L I, N Y
Lange, Wm R Jr, 570 S Greenwood Ave, Pasadena 8, Cailf
Lanford, Wm E, 716 Northwood Rd, Ft Worth, Tex
Lanning, Wayland H, 821 S High, Denver, Cole
Lanshaw, Wm C, 701 Grove Ave, Alma, Mich
Larson, Clifton C, 4 Woodlawn Ave, Walthan, Mass
Larson, Lawrence W, 8017 S Lawrence Ave, Chicago, Ill
Lasseter, Howard L, 3629 Mattison, Ft Worth, Tex
Lassiter, Silas M, Conway, N C
Launer, Alfred W, 3038 1/2 Lands St, Los Angeles, Calif
Lauth, Raymond F, 5326 A Union, St Louis, Mo
Lawrence, Neal V, P O Box 37, Dublin, Ind
Law, John O, Rt 1 Box 42, Glare, Ia
Lawson, Andrew J Jr, Hall Summit, La
Layfield, Benjamin C, 157 Comer Terrace, Macon, Ga
Leach, Roy L, Rt 1, Alto, Ga
Learn, Elwyn A, Lawrenceville, Pa
Leary, Clarence W, 902 N East St, Kingston, N C
Leavenworth, H L Jr, 235 Kenwood Ave, Rochester, N Y
Lebid, Jack, 910 Clark St, Bridgeport 6, Conn
Le Blanc, Jesse G, P O Box 674, Carthage, Tex
Lee, Daniel D, Box 545, Lordsburg, N Mex
Lee, David C Jr, Box 57, Driscoll, Tex
Lee, Harold M, Box 213, West Hillsboro, N C
Lee, Robert G, 444 Kingman Blvd, Des Moines, Ia
Lehti, Reino M, 2616 E 12th St, Brooklyn, N Y
Leibart, Robert R, 909 N Lincoln, Gasper, Wyo
Leibert, Dale R, 1712 N 9th, LaFayette, Ind
Lemay, Roland J, 285 Court St, Auburn, Me
Lemmon, Duane A, 141 N Ist East, Preston, Ida
Le Mends, Wm C, 1406 W 20th Ave, Amarillo, Tex
Lent, Donald A, 21 Elm St, Maynard, Mass
Lester, Geo M, Spencer, Va
LeVan, Geo E, 617 N 10th St, Reading, Pa
Levy, Joseph, 761 Blake Ave, Brooklyn 7, N Y
Levell, Virgil L, 1311 Ritterskamp Ave, Vincennes, Ind
Leven, Seymour, 1517 Alpine Ave N W, Grand Rapids, Mich
Levin, Edwin D, 1105 S Ist St, Champaign, Ill
Lewandowski, Edward J, 171 Gates St, Buffalo 12, N Y
Lewis, Ben Jr, 433 Briger, Rock Springs, Wyo
Lewis, M L Jr, Twins Falls, Ida
Lewis, Russell W, Easton Rd, Warrington, Pa
Lewis, Russel W, 514 W Main St, Lebanon, O
Lewis, Wm, 52 Elizabeth St, Washington, Pa
Libby, Willis C, Shawmut, Me
Libengod, Wm R, Rt 1, Monaca, Pa
Light, Charles H Jr, 210 Ohio Ave, Charleston 2, W Va
Lilja, Albert E, Rt 1, Sebeka, Minn
Lindsay, Benjamin S, 401 S Bdwy, Hobart, Okla
Lines, Wayne D, Cottonwood, Minn
Linn, Robert W, 5936 Interboro Ave, Lincoln P1, Pitts, Pa
Lishman, Nelson 0, 847 Stanley Ave, Long Beach 4, Calif
Lipthay, Barney, 318 Franklin Ave, Hewlett, L I, N Y
Lloyd, David J, 1213 W Granite Ave, Albuquerque, N Mex
Locke, Delbert P, Rt 1 Box 275, Palatine, Ill
Locks, Edward, 8654 Traverse St, Detroit, Mich
Locke, Myron D, P O Box 755, Mitchell, S Dak
Lodge, Philip A, 1906 W 68th St, Los Angeles 44, Calif
Lofblad, Harry V, 540 Lacock St, Rochester, Pa
Lofrumento, Joseph P, 1265 Olmstead Ave, Bronx, N Y
Logan, Claude D Jr, 4607 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, Fla
Logwood, Richard S, 1104 12th St, Lynchburg, Va
Long, Billy G, 5816 Lindell, Dallas 6, Tex
Long, Sidney E, 218 Old St, Portsmouth, Va
Long, Warren E, 551 Culvert St, Sydney, O
Longfellow, Robert M, 2535 Market St, Ridding, Calif
Lorente, Antonio, 6451 Bingham, Dearborn, Mich
Lorenz, Geo T, 140 Badger Ave, Newark 8, N J
Lorette, Antonio, 6451 Bingham, Dearborn, Mich
Lorente, Anthony, 415 S Bayside, Detroit 25, Mich
Lorenzen, O H, % Mrs W O Brock Box 1321, Bisbee, Ariz
Loria, Pasquale, 167-05 Linden Blvd, Jamacia 5, N Y
Losey, Robert A, Pawnee City, Nebr
Louis, Wayne C, 1299 Fry Ave, Lakewood, O
Lower, Raymond L, P O Box 981, Twin Falls, Ida
Lowery, Robert A, Rt 4, Huntington, Ind
Lowery, Victor H, Gen Del, Highlands, Tex
Lowry, Carl E, Box 414, Sidney, Mont
Lucas, Geo A, 396 S Stone Ave Apt 2, Tucson, Ariz
Lucciotti, Ermilio J, 2423 S Iseminger St, Philadelphia, Pa
Lundgren, Donald A, Alexandria, Minn
Lundwall, Max L, Box 51, Silver City, N Mex
Luopa, Rudolph, RFD, Troy, NH
Lutz, Amold R, 2305 Ellis Ave, Boise, Ids
Luzier, Richard N, 337 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Lyden, Geo P, 21000 Valerie St, Torrance, Calif
Lydotes, Geo A, 1 Salem St, Cambridge, Mass
Lynch, Glenn, Rt 2, Speedwell, Tenn
Lynch, Orville, South Lebanon, O
Lynn, Merrill W, 3025 Segra Ave, Des Moines, Ia
McAlister, Chas 0, 1032 E Orangethrope, Arlesia, Calif
McCann, John J, 7417 Georgian Rd, Philadelphia, Pa
McCart, Robert J, 436 E 59th St, New York 22, N Y
McCauley, John L, Rt 2, Loganton, Pa
McClanahan, R E, 167 1/2  W Santa Barbara Ave, L A, Cailf
McClinlick, Geo W 320 E 5th St, Joplin, Mo
McClintick, Charles R, 921 Aganier Ave, San Antonio, Tex
McCloud, James B, 149 Quenton Rd S, Newark, O
McClure, Glenn E, % R I McClure, Opolis, Kans
McClure, L C, 800 SDelaware St, Tampa, Fla
McClure, Wallace N, Box 53, Mittrick, Calif
McComb, Wm H, 211 R R Ave, Shelton, Wash
McConnell, Joseph J, 367 W Church St, Elmira, N Y
McCool, Robert J, 2316 Harlem Blvd, Rockford, Ill
McCord, James B, "The Knell," Coming, N Y
McCord, Leslie P, 3430 Harrison, Kansas City, Mo
McCutcheon, Philip E, 82 Albino St, Somerville, Mass
McCurley, Christopher C, Rt 2, Lewisville, Tex
McDaniel, Albert H, 1506 26th Ave, San Francisco, Calif
McDaniel, Dee A, 2402 Kemp Blvd, Wichita Falls, Tex
McDermott, Waiter J, Maple St, Addiston, N Y
McDonald, Frank L, Rt 6, Iowa City, Is
McDonald, Robert L, 715 W Norwegion St, Pottsville, Pa
McDonald, Thomas R, 405 Langley St, Fall River, Mass
McDonough, Raymond M, 27 Topliff St, Dorchester, Mass
McDowell, Harold W, Ogden, Ark
McDowell, Wm L, % O D Pence, Brady, Tex
McEachorn, Robert S, Box 166, Centerville, Tex
McFarland, Robert L, 2127 Ave J, Ft Madison, Ia
McFate, Norman, Orday, Cole
McGarry, Leonard W, 2237 Francis Ave, Flint, Mich
McGee, Billy N, P O Box 941, Olney, Tex
McGettrick, Edward M, 180 Main St, Lancaster, N H
McGovern, Thomas F, 5530 Walton Ave, Philadelphia, Pa
McGowan, Francis J, 1050 Dean St, Schenactady, N Y
McGowan, James A, 115 Underwood St, Newark 6, N J
McIntyre, Donald A, 3926 Morton, Oakland, Mo
McKenzie, Hamilton K, 128 Weslevan Ave, Providence, R I
McKinney, Charles H, P O Box 1, Spencer, Tenn
McLarty, Charles A, 306 N Marlboro St, Dallas, Tex
McLaughlin, Charles W, 2424 Milton St, Muncie, Ind
McLaughlin, John T, 1834 W Tioga St, Philadelphia, Pa
McLaughlin, Preston H, 2421 Milton St, Muncie, Ind
McLelln, D S, Spring Valley Rd % Handforth, Ossining, N Y
McMath, Albert J, Box 126, Onley, Va
McMillan, Emmett P, P O Box 313, Greenville, Miss
McMurray, Harold W, Rt 3, Madison, Kans
McNabb, Myron L, 414 S Fir Ave, Inglewood, Calif
McNamer, Hugh F, Shelby, Mont
McNeil, Wm S, 354 Highland Ave, Somerville 44, Mass
McNulty, John E, 823 Bronson St, Watertown, N Y
McOlinious, Faray A R, 2606 S W Hume Ct, Portland, Ore
McPhee, Dorylld, 3835 46th St, San Diego, Calif
McPherson, Fred N, 440 S Riverside Ave, Medford, Ore
McQuoid, Lyle J, 310 N 6th St, Grand Forks, N Dak
McRoberts, Carl, 11111 Forestville Ave, Chicago 28, 111
Macon, Billy T, Rt 2, Leonard, Tex
Macholz, Harry G, 4425 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Ill
Maczka, Walter J, 2744 N Maplewood Ave, Chicago 39, I11
Maffitt, Leslie G, 707 S E Bidwell St, Portland 2, Ore
Mahaffey, James M, 300 W Duncan St, Bryan, Tex
Mahler, Max, 463 Onderdonk Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Mahn, Richard W, Oceola, O
Mahoney, Eugene G, S Windham, Me
Mahoney, Joseph P, 637 D St S E, Washington, D C
Maki, Eino W, 47 Stuart St, Gardener, Mass
Maki, Ray 0, 8921 Goethe Ave, Detroit, Mich
Malanchuk, Zanon, Box 611, Healdton, Okla
Malecki, Myron B, 4000 E 74th St, Cleveland 5, O
Mallinger, Robert J, 1171E North St, Tucson, Ariz
Malone, Thomas V, 39 Broad St, Waterfield, N Y
Malott, Richard A, 1616 Oakland St, Ft Wayne 7, Ind
Manee, Marcy H, Franklin Ave, Wycoff, N J
Manelos, Wm, Box 747, Ft Worth, Tex
Manges, Warren, 705 E 30th St, Hutchinson, Kans
Manger, Geo H, 407 W 14th St, Kansas City, Mo
Mann, Thurman J, Tyronne, Ga
Manning, Chas E, 139 Riverside Dr, Montgomery 5, Ala
Manning, Ewell H, 24 E Mt Vernon P1, Baltimore, Md
Manning, James W, 173 Hancock St, Cambridge, Mass
Manning, John L, 420 Greenwood Ave, Clarksville, Tenn
Manning, Robert L, 30 Beech St, East Orange, N J
Manes, Nicholas, 901 Ogden Ave, Bronx 5, N Y
Manzella, Carmen M, 30 Virgil Ave, Buf~alo, N Y
Maples, Charles R, 1210 Wilbur Ave, S Norfolk, Va
Maples, Paul T, Rt 9, Knoxville, Tenn
Marco, Geo J, 901 Duncan St, Duncan, Okla
Marietta, Wm L, 746 Blackman St, Clinton, Ind
Marion, Harry A, Rt 5, Peoria, Ill
Mark, Charles M Jr, 720 Blair Ave, Hampton, Va
Markawicz, Tony, 774 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, Pa
Merlin, Bernard, 1211 Boynton Ave, Bronx, N Y
Marling, Robert W, 3189 Union St, Bellaire, O
Marlow, Horace R, Box 223, Trinidad, Tex
Marmorale, Edmund P, 80 Webster Ave, Boston, Mass
Marracino, Joseph N, 117 Cedar St, Buffalo, N Y
Marshall, Everett D, 1604 Molasia Rd, Arkon 5, O
Marshall, Geo B, 755 E Mulberry, San Antonio, Tex
Marshall, Geo W, 132 Livingston, San Antonio, Tex
Marshall, M J, 465 N Sierra Bonita Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Martin, P L, 498th Bomb Gp 73 Wing, MacDill Field, Fla
Martin, Clifford G, 229 W Haley St, Santa Barbara, Calif
Martin, Donald G, Gellison Hill, Montpelier, Va
Martin, Kenneth J, 3431 Wabash Ave, Cincinnati 7, O
Martin, Lytle C, 809 Willowbrook St, High Point, N C
Martin, Richard W, Rt 1, Lancaster, Pa
Martin, Stephen Jr, 39-35 50th St, Woodside, L I, N Y
Martinet, Abel N, Belie Fourche, S Dak
Maruszewski, Stanley, 507 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, N J
Marx, Earland R, 813 Chew St, Allentown, Pa
Mason, Robert L, 904 4th Ave, Silvis, I11
Mason, Wm K, 1303 S Jefferson St, Mexico, Mo
Mason, Wm B, 194 Don Ave, Rumford, R I
Mastin, Joseph E, P O Box 620, Athens, W Va
Matheny, Keith L, 630 Pier Ave, Ocean Park, Calif
Mather, Waiter S, 1517 Kipling Ave, Houston, Tex
Mathison, Woodrow G, 32 E 6th South, Salt Lake City, Utah
Matteson, John A, 65 Homer Ave, Buffalo, N Y
Mattera, Phil P, 30 Stryker St, Brooklyn, N Y
Mattinson, Wilton H, 770 Boylston St, Pasadena 6, Calif
Mattson, Tauno W, 286 Charles St, Fitchburg, Mass
Matushak, Wm J, 176 Gardner St, Manchester, Conn
Matz, Howard C, 1456 Jod Ave, Warren, O
Majeski, Robert J, 191 N Post St, Detroit 9, Mich
Maus, Richard N, 324 Pritz Ave, Dayton, O
Maust, Ralph B, 155 Sagamore Rd, Maplewood, N J
Maxwell, Elliot R, 514 W Palmelto St, Florence, S C
Maxwell, Fredreick T, 709 Asylum St, Flint, Mich
Maxwell, Gus C, 414 Broad St, Columbia, Miss
Maxwell, Wm R III, 116 A West Latimer, Tulsa, Okla
Mayden, Randall C, Rt 1, Lebanon, Kans
Mayes, Wm B Jr, 205 Pence De Leon Ct, Decatur, Ga
Mayhugh, O D, 1410 W 20th St, North Little Rock, Ark
Maylor, Sidney Jr, 19 Elsie St, Everett, Mass
Mayo, Philip A, 608 Orange Ave, West Haven, Conn
Mayo, Wayne D, Rt 1 Loving Rd, Graham, Tex
Meagher, John H, 2370 Chestnut Ave, Long Beach, Calif
Medeiros, Joe L, Rt 7 Box 158, Fresno, Calif
Meeder, Edward A Jr, 685 E 228th St, New York 66, N Y
Meese, Richard C, 7312 Whipple St, Swissvale, Pa
Mehring, Roy J, RFD, Grafton, Vt
Meikle, Jay L, 45 Second St, Woodland, Calif
Meisner, Robert G, 3030 Kingsbridge Terrace, Bronx, N Y
Melber, Francis F, 159 S Crane, Denver, Cole
Mellon, James F, Box 2111 Ga School of Tech, Atlanta, Ga
Melvin, I N, Harris, Tenn
Menges, Chas M Jr, P O Box 425, Sausalito, Calif
Mennow, Robert F, 311 Oakland Ave, Greensburg, Pa
Mequillet, John M, 12227 Clifton Blvd, Lakewood 7, O
Mercado, Geo A, 451 Chili Ave, Rochester, N Y
Mergenthaler, Ross H, Rt 1, Gibsonburg, O
Merrick, Addison H, Box 361, Ogunquit, Me
Merrick, Francis J, 3034 Cadillac Blvd, Detroit 14, Mich
Merrihew, Donald S, 801N Pasadena Ave, Pasadena, Calif
Merryman, Robert E, 166 N McKean Dr, Kittanning, Pa
Merril, Edgar J, P O Box 239, Oldtown, Me
Mestas, James A, Box 85, Walsenburg, Cole
Metcalf, Richard D, 1352 Forsythe Ave, Columbus 1, O
Metclafe, John H, 610 Sylvan St, Emporia, Kans
Meyer, Edmund J, 34 E 6th St, Cincinnati, O
Miano, Samuel J, Box 293, Garyville, La
Michaeles, Emil M, 4518 39th North East, Seattle, Wash
Michelsen, August G, 91-26 183rd St, Jamaica, N Y
Mickey, Geo D, Rt 3, Bradford, Pa
Miehle, John H, C 4 Wm St, Cornwells Hts, Pa
Migliarrio, John Jr, 1780 Baldwin Ave Rt 4, Pontiac, Mich
Mihalko, Wm, 58 Dickinson St, Binghamton, N Y
Milan, Thomas J, Saltillo, Miss
Milano, Salvatore M, 30 Concord St, Lynbrook, N Y
Mileoan, Carl A, 231 Hoover Ave, San Antonio, Tex
Milin, Nick A, Middleville Rd, Little Falls, N Y
Millard, Richard J, 23 Phelps St, Salem, Mass
Miller, Arthur S, P O Box 77, Aromas, Calif
Miller, Claude 0, 15522 Elderwood Ave, E Cleveland 12, O
Miller, Clyde H, 249 Oak Ave, Pomona, Calif
Miller, Don, 1241 Penn St, Denver 3, Cole
Miller, Emil Jr, 936 Merrill Ave, Hammond, Ind
Miller, Frank E, Box 65 Main St, Springtown, Pa
Miller, Geo E, Rt 1, Ledgwich, Kans
Miller, Geo W, 1221 Mechanic St, Lansing, Mich
Miller, Harold S, Rt 1, Cordell, Okla
Miller, Henry D, 222 Washington St, Lynn, Mass
Miller, John E, %F A Colombo 35 Main St, Maynard, Mass
Miller, Leonard P, Angenta, Ill
Miller, Leonard, 21 Hennessey P1, Irvington, N 3
Miller, Morgen R, Gen Del Rt 3, De Leon, Tex
Miller, Paul A, Rt 3, Mechanicsburg, Pa
Miller Paul R, Box 232, Glen Rock, York County, Pa
Miller, Ralph M, 610 Piccadilly St, Charleston 2, W Va
Miller, Robert W, 721 Garfield Ave, Evansville, Ind
Millican, Talmon G, 5326, Sonora, Tex
Milliken, James R, 34 N Starr Ave, Bellivue 2, Pa
Mills, Lester, Sparta, Ga
Minkiszewski, Jacob J, 1327 Ist Ave, Schenectady, N Y
Minkvoid, Harold B, 1712 Bdwy, Indianapolis, Ind
Minor, Louis III, 3606 Chestnut, Kansas City 3, Mo
Minton, James F, Odin, Ill
Minturn, Patrick D, 324 S E 44th Ave, Portland 15, Ore
Mischen, Richard E, 1614 Ridge Ave, N Braddock, Pa
Miskiewicz, Welter T, 983 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Mitchell, Joseph R, 723 W Harrison Ave, Albuquerque, NM
Mite, F E, % F Simms Montgomery Rd Mt, Ontgomer, O
Mobley, Robert W, 110 Pleasant St, Mannington, W Va
Mock, Ernest L Jr, 430 Wm Ave, Huntington, Ind
Mockler, Thomas J Jr, 1601 Ist St, Newburgh, N Y
Moczk, Waiter J, 825 N Maplewood Ave, Chicago, Ill
Moeller, Wm H, 607 3rd St S W, Cedar Rapids, Ia
Moffit, Wm J, 52 James St, Bloomerfield, N J
Mohn, Richard W, Rt 4, Bucyrus, O
Moistner, Robert L, Rt 1, Liberty, Ind
Molina, Manuel, Box 1027 Alamo, Hidalgo Co, Tex
Mollitor, Raymond J, 127 Bay Ave, Hicksville, L I, N Y
Moloney, John J, 309 Bayridge Parkway, Brooklyn 9, N Y
Molovinsky, Samuel J, 609 Ridge Ave, Allentown, Pa
Molsen, Robert J Jr, 509 Bdwy St, West Burlington, Ia
Monson, Irving L, 401 S 14th Apt 9, Albuquerque, N Mex
Montgomery, James A Jr, Gen Del, Waldo, Ark
Montgomery, Travis 0, 1125 Colliers Lane, Bastrop, La
Monts, Hubert W, Rt 2, Hope Ark
Moody, Chester H Jr, 401 Bdwy, Cambridge, Mass
Moody, Edmund K Jr, 1235 Eastridge Rd S W, Atlanta, Ga
Moody, Cecil E, 812 10th St, Safford, Ariz
Mooney, Geo R, 1136 Crease St, Philadelphia, Pa
Mooradian, Are, Rt 3 Box 346, Fresno, Calif
Moore, Albert L, Rt 1, Pleasant Plain, O
Moore, Arthur J, 4821 W Cortez St, Chicago, Ill
Moore, Bill T, 1219 N Clinton St, Decatur 8, Ill
Moore, Edward E, 3422 Ohio Ave, St Louis, Mo
Moore, Louie C Jr, Box 104 P, Forum, Okla
Moore, Matthew J, 27 Outlook St, East Hartford 8, Conn
Moore, Sam B Jr, 2303 Prytania St, New Orleans, La
Moore, Thomas C Jr, Box 312, Bentleyville, Pa
Moore, Thomas J, Rt 2 Box 369, Oklahoma City, Okla
Moore, Welter L, Rt 1, Ennis, Tex
Moreland, Charles T Jr, Post Oak, Tex
Morello, Richard L, 8617 S Carpenter St, Chicago 20, Ill
Morgen, Donald E, 570 Elder Dr, Chula Vista, Calif
Morgan, Robert E, 608 E 4th Ave, Mitchell, S Dak
Morin, Edward R, 67 West St, Lawrence, Mass
Morin, Joseph M, 1816 Mid P1, Colorado Springs, Cole
Merk, Richard T, 810 5th St N E Box 144, Minot, N Dak
Moroukian, Nichon M, 2121 2nd Ave, Watervliet, N Y
Morris, Robert, 5536 Central, Kansas City, Mo
Morrison, Walton S, P O Box 332, Big Springs, Tex
Morser, Geo C, 5908 Sunfield Ave, Bellflower, Calif
Morton, Alien D, 465 Smith, Sheridan, Wyo
Moscatillo, John S, 360 6th St, Jersey City, N J
Mosele, Harold J, Avery Is, La
Moser, Robert R, 3608 N 27th St, Milwaukee 10, Wis
Mosser, Wm W, 125 E Jefferson St, Clinton, Mo
Moye, Geo Gordon, 2025 W McNichols Rd, Detroit 3, Mich
Moyer, Wm H, 830 W Walnut St, Shomokin, Pa
Muckler, Clarence E, Haydraw, S Dak
Mullen, Robert E, 48 Allenwood Rd, Great Neck, L I, N Y
Muller, Frederick A, 1117 E Dolores Dr, Altadena, Calif
Muller, John S, Howell Ave Box 324, Woodbridge, N J
Mueller, Waiter H, Rt 2, Seymour, Wis
Mulligan, Robert G, 217 Owens Ave, Derry, Pa
Mulloy, Charles E, Montrose, S Dak
Muldoon, Andrew R, 117 E Bellevue P1, Chicago, Ill
Mulholland, Edward J, 1920 Oneida St, Pitts, Pa
Mulqueen, Francis E, 515 E Bdwy, Council Bluffs, Ia
Mundil, Wesley R, 4937 W Cuyler Ave, Chicago 41, Ill
Munt, Jacob, 12329 S Ferry Ave, Chicago, Ill
Murphy, Jack K, Rt 4, Lufkin, Tex
Murphy, James K, 9 Esopus Ave, Kingston, N Y
Murphy, James P, 1126 S 3rd St, Milwaukee, Wis
Murphy, Paul F, 99 Haberman Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa
Murray, Donald V, 26 Bushnell Ave, Monticello, N Y
Murray, Geo C, 44 Murdock St, Brighten 35, Mass
Myers, Edger E Jr, Box 605, Vivian, La
Myer, Paul R, Box 74, Rio Hondo, Tex
Myrwang, Haakon F, 1924 E McGraw, Seattle 2, Wash
Nadwodnck, Chas W, 601 2nd St NW, Grand Rapids, Mich
Nappi, Charles F, 168 Ridgewood Ave, Newark, N J
Neal, Claudie L, P O Box 616, Texarkana, Tex
Neal, Elmo, West Elkton, O
Nebercall, Vernon L, 2521 N 53rd St, Omaha, Nebr
Neel, Melvin E, Rt 2, Duncan, Okla
Neher, Lisle G, 47 Old Mount Vernon Rd, Alexandria, Va
Neiburg, Morris J, 4937 N 13th St, Philadelphia 41, Pa
Neie, E J, 807 E Ave B, Sweetwater, Tex
Neissner, Gordon G, 514 E Elm St, Waseca, Minn
Nellis, Marlyn L, 3214 A Arsenal St, St Louis 18, Mo
Nelson, Joseph A, 21/2 N Washington Ave, Cedarburg, Wis
Nelson, Richard D, Rt 2, New Carlisle, Ind
Nelson, Richard H, 709 Villa St, Racine, Wis
Nelson, Rudolph E, % Tuthill Lbr Co, Canton, S Dak
Nemtzow, Seymour L, 1217 E Marshall St, Rosemead, Calif
Neuschwanger, Guy E, 901 Washington Ave, Mt Carrol, Ill
Newberry, James W Jr, Park St, Acworth, Ga
Newbill, Robert W, 1329 Pettibone Ave, Flint, Mich
Newcombe, Frederick C, 402 Highland Ave, Somerset, Mass
Newman, Basel W, Rt 1 Box 111, Woodlawn, Va
Newman, Horace H, Jacks Creek, Tenn
Newsome, Wm E, Brunson, S C
Newton, Richard H, 724 Brooks Ave, Venice, Calif
Nexsen, John A, 100 Academy St, Kingstree, S C
Nicholls, Howard E, 430 S Pennsylvania St, Denver, Cole
Nicholson, Stanley N, 12 Hill St, Charleston, Mass
Niemiec, John J, 128 Magnolia, Elizabeth, N J
Nigg, John W, 10137 Carpenter St, Chicago, Ill
Nistal, Ernest A, 110 E 49th St, Savannah, Ga
NitchBr, Max E, Bronson, Kans
Nix, Newton M, 117 Brooklyn Ave, Lancaster, S C
Nokell, Theodore F, 4635 N Magnolia, Chicago, Iii
Nolan, Robert E, 17 Midland Ave, Grant City, L I, N Y
Nolan, John E, 16516 Talford Rd, Shaker Hts, O
Norberg, Henry E, Jr, 547 Williams St, Pale Alto, Calif
Norris, William O, Weems, Va
Norton, John M, 920 3rd St, International Falls, Minn
Norwick, Frank J, 4933 Warwick Ave, Chicago 41, I11
Nowak, Thaddeus R, 8442 Essex Ave, Chicago, I11
Nunn, William M, Rt 1, College Park, Ga
Nycklemoc, Arthur, Ashby, Minn
O'Banyel, Theodore R Jr, 3035 Ruckle St, Indianapolis, Ind
Obert, Charles L, P O Box 783, Boulder, Cole
O'Brian, James P, 92 Chatham St, Worchester 2, Mass
O'Brien, Wm S, 40 Clifford St, Melrose, Mass
O'Bryant, Joseph B, 9422 Plainfield Dr, Brentwood, Mo
O'Dell, Gerald F, 172 Troy St, Canton, Pa
Odom, Wm M, Rt 1, Forest Hill, La
O'Donnell, Charles R, 710 Mason St, Harrisburg, Pa
Oesterreicher, Robert L, 1739 Humboldt Blvd, Chicago, Ill
Offman, Victor J, 203 E Linn St, Marshalltown, Ia
O'Grady, Joseph E Jr, 53 Woodbine St, Brooklyn, N Y
Ogush, Ira M, 85 Van Reypth, St, Jersey City 6, N J
O'Hara, Waiter C, 4261 Orchard St, Philadelphia 24, Pa
Old, Edwin B, Crewe, Va
Oldani, Louis J, 3768 Holcomb St, Detroit 14, Mich
Oliver, Raymond C, P O Box 793, Albuquerque, N Mex
Oliver, William L, Ben Hill, Ga
Olsen, Alford W, Fargo, N Dak
Olsen, Robert M Jr, 2808 Strand, Manhattan Beach, Calif
Olson, Elmer I, 413 N Spring St, Luverne, Minn
Olson, Howard E, Box 367, Glendive, Mont
Olsson, Frances R, 5 Park Square, Boston 16, Mass
O'Mahony, Wm P, 87 Winter St, Cambridge, Mass
O'Neal, Charles R, Box 350, Gainesville, Tex
Opel, Lawrence E, Rt 2, Washington, Ind
Oreck, David I, 33 Alien Ave, Duluth, Minn
Orenstein, M G, 157 S Mansfield Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
O'Rourke, James W, 334 77th St, Brooklyn, N Y
Orr, Wm K, 1601E Sneed Ave, Sedalia, Mo
Ortiz, James, 1638 N 24th St, Milwaukee, Wis
Orton, Geo W, 601 Arizona St, Warren, Ariz
Osburn, Emerson P, P O Box 402, Gustine, Calif
O'Shaughnessy, J J, 133-56 244th St, Rosedale, Queens, NY
Oswald, Norbert J, 1323 Barber Ave, Little Rock, Ark
O'Toole, James J, 337 Oak Ave, Wood Ridge, N J
Overman, John W, 905 S Buckeye St, Kokomo, Ind
Overmiller, Glenn E, 232 W Bdwy, Red Lion, Pa
Owens, Wm M, Johnetta, Ky
Oyer, Paul F, Box 94, Killbuck, N Y
Pace, Robert G, Box 21, Leslie, Ga
Pack, Milton 0, 98 mhayer St, New York 34, N Y
Padykula, Waiter J, 21 Monroe St, Garfield, N J
Paige, Robert, Cedar River, Mich
Paklovsky, Andy S, 110 Powers Walk, San Antonio, Tex
Palmer, Llewellyn M, Berlin, N Y
Pallas, Otto, 368 Brunson Ave, Benton Harbor, Mich
Palucci, Aberham, Box 36, Black Diamond, Wash
Pampuch, Edward F, 187 43rd St, Pittsburgh, Pa
Parent, Edgar S, 169 Lincoln St, Stoughton, Mass
Parise, James M, 14 Warren St, Cambridge, Mass
Parker, James C, Rt 2 Flower Branch, County Hall, Ga
Parker, Kelvin B, 409 16th St, Virginia Beach, Va
Parkinson, Wm J Jr, 1035 Irving Rd, Chicago 13, Ill
Parrise, Waiter A Jr, 318 Broadmore Blvd, Springfield, O
Parsons, Edsel G, 36 Maple St, Fairfield, O
Parsons, F A, 1100 Glen Ave Apt C, Colorado Springs, Cole
Parsons, Warren H, 6640 Ave F, Houston II, Tex
Partee, Frederick J, 131 Rt Green 21, Brooklyn, N Y
Porter, Clemmie N, 219 Elizaville Ave, Flemingsburg, Ky
Partlow, Morgan R, Rt, Plantersville, Miss
Paslay, Earnest W, Rt 3, Box 64, Fort Worth, Tex
Pasternack, Albert M, 183 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, N Y
Patton, Dean S, 35 William St, Glen Falls, N Y
Paulk, John L, 425 E 3rd St, Russell, Kans
Paulson, Clarence J, Rt 1, Ogema, Minn
Pavlo, Andrew G, 208 N 4th St, Duquesne, Pa
Payne, Henry W, Wheeling, W Va
Payne, Luzader M, Box 185, Oweneco, Ill
Paryzek, James, Rt 1, Crowne Point, Ind
Peacock, Jerome R, 1631 Highland Ave, Detroit 6, Mich
Pearce, Maurice R, 511 Colcord Ave, Waco, Tex
Pearlman, Morris, 653 Warwick St, Brooklyn, N Y
Pearlstein, David J, 200 Harrison St, Paterson, N J
Pearson, Agne V, 202 "M" St, Hoquiam, Wash
Pearson, James M, 721 Oak St, Manchester, Tenn
Pechawer, Fred, 2203 Middle St, Calumet, Mich
Peckyno, Charles, 1404 Knox Ave, Moresson, Pa
Pedersen, Thomas D, 1879 Marshall Ave, St Paul 4, Minn
Pennel, Harry W, 2 Glenwood St, Cumberland, Md
Pepe, Francis C, 16 Park P1, Branford, Conn
Pepi, Louis, 4 March St, Worcester, Mass
Perkins, Thomas D, 801 A Pierce St, Amarillo, Tex
Perkowski, Alexander P, 40 Harrison St, Belleveille 9, N J
Perlmutter, Harold J, 221 Osborn Terrace, Newark, N J
Perry, Earl G, 5413 Milne St, New Orleans, La
Perry, Glenn F, 324% Yankee Rd, Middleton, O
Perry, Kenneth J, 4405 Vermont Ave, Covington, Ky
Perry, Thomas I, 162-20 89th Ave, Jamaica, N Y
Perry, Wm B, 159 Cottage St, New Bedford, Mass
Persic, Mark T, 3045 Perolta St NS, Pittsburgh, Pa
Pescitelli, Angelo, Box 56, Riverton, Ill
Peters, Norman, 427 26th St, Bettendorf, Ia
Peterman, Geo L, 9529 239th St, Bellerose, N Y
Peterman, Geo R, 2745 Bradfield, Lincoln, Nebr
Peterson, Axel G, Boyds, Wash
Peterson, Herbert, 17 Beal St, Trenton, N J
Peterson, Raymond, 415 S Grove St, Kewanee, Ill
Peterson, Rollo C, 7017 St Louis Ave, Portland 3, Ore
Peterson, Warren H, Rt "A," Kennedy, Tex
Petersburg, Eugene C, Melrose, Wis
Pethel, Raymond, China Grove, N C
Pete, Harold M, 215 Euston Rd, Garden City, N Y
Petschulat, George E, Rt 1, Sturgis, Mich
Pettit, Lloyd H, 840 Obispo, Long Beach, Calif
Phillips, Cader L, Gen Del, New Boston, Tex
Phillips, Hugh J, 1917 Palmerston P1, Los Angeles, Calif
Phillips, Robert R, Box 43, Amsterdam, O
Phillips, Tom C, 160 W Wrigley St, Henderson, Tex
Philyaw, Craude B, Box 43, Rt 4, Lenoir, N C
Pica, Fred, 1704 Van Buren, New York, N Y
Pickett, John J, 8201 S Laflin St, Chicago, Ill
Pickett, Wayne E, 811 W Hockaday St, Council Grove, Kans
Piechowiak, Conrad B, 139 Walden Ave, Buffalo, N Y
Pierce, Jack N, 728 Virginia, Joplin, Mo
Pierce, Stanley W, 685 Magdalona Rd, Los Altos, Calif
Pieper, Eugene L, 2532 N 12th St, Milwaukee 6, Wis
Pierson, Donald L, Shawnee, Kans
Pifer, Donald R, Rt 2, Cairo, W Va
Pilicrini, Joseph J, 222 Washington St, Highwood, Ill
Pilkington, Arthur W, 1035 N Vista St, Hollywood 46, Calif
Pinto, Dominick P, 13 S 10th Ave, Mt Vernon, N Y
Pipkin, Leonard W Jr, 1829 Pembroke Lane, Topeka, Kans
Piraino, Salvatore P, 738 S Spaulding, Chicago, Ill
Piskos, Theodore F, 5743 Neosho St, St Louis 9, Mo
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Pivetti, August Jr, 704 Mins St, McAllister, Calif
Ploen, Harley E, Rt 1, Shelby, Is
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Platte, Eldo H, 5001E Central, Albuquerque, N Mex
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Poelman, Henry, Manhattan, Mont
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Poletti, Girido, Box 290 Rt 3, Corapolis, Pa
Policastri, Louis N, 532 E 120th St, New York 35, N Y
Pollack, Robert, 622 E 94th St, Brooklyn, N Y
Polly, Henry E, Rt 1, Box 210, Woodlake, Calif
Ponder, John L Jr, 313 Brentwood Lane, Springhill, Ala
Ponder, Wm T, Pendleton Homes, Macon, Ga
Pope, Bert, 8221N W 13th St, Miami, Fla
Pope, Robert C, 1520 W North St, Bethleham, Pa
Porada, Edward, 1024 Rebecca St, New Castle, Pa
Porter, Kenneth W, 1024 Byerley Ave, San Jose, Calif
Porter, Raymond A, 510% Duncan, Stillwater, Okla
Porter, Robert B, 85 31st St, Newport, Va
Portigal, Horace A, % State Forestry Div, Orange, Calif
Posey, John C, 10 Riverdale Ct, Henderson, Ky
Post, Ivan, 1151 Royce Ave, Kalamazoo 28, Mich
Poston, Claud A, Rt 3, Shelby, N C
Postovit, Robert L, Box 66, Troy, Ids
Pete, Thomas J Jr, 410 East St, Culpeper, Va
Potter, William W Jr, Rt 1, Concord, Tenn
Potts, Frank M, 129 Prestley Rd, Bridgeville, Pa
Pounds, Orville A, 507 W Monroe St, Mt Pleasant 3, Ia
Powell, Clay M, 2328 S W 28th St, Oklahoma City, Okla
Powell, Wilfred R, 82 Stafford St, Quincy, Mass
Powers, Lyle A, 3071/2 S 4th St, Ponca City, Ill
Preston, Richard L, 1325 Boyd Ave, Des Moines 16, Ia
Presz, John S, Manchonis Rd, N Wilbrahan, Mass
Price, Howard M, 624 Reynolds St, Muskegon, Mich
Price, Roy M, Gen Del, Dill City, Okla
Prideaux, Delbert S, 815 Bluemont Ave, Manhattan, Kans
Pritchett, John A, Box 251, Delhi, La
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Queen, James W, 247 Spring St, Marion, N C
Queen, Joseph W, 2300 Lexington Ave, Ashland, Ky
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Quinn, Eugene J, 4254 Merriman St, St Louis, Mo
Quinn, Wm F Jr, 1208 N Sam Houston, Odessa, Tex
Quirk, Jean N, 66-11 99th St, Forest Hills, L I, N Y
Rabinovitz, Norman, 317 Lawn St, Pittsburgh 13, Pa
Racanelli, Mitchell W, 581 Arletta Ave, San Jose, Calif
Radke, Raymond E, 300 Montgomery St, Watertown, Wis
Rae, Robert E, Box 134, Sparks, Nev
Rainey, Robert S, 731 Osage St, Normal, Ill
Raiter, Joe E, Memphis, Nebr
Ralston, Elmer E, 140 W 6th St E, Liverpool, O
Ramos, Joseph, 522 W 136th St, New York, N Y
Ramsey, Robert J, 703 E Walnut St, Orange, Calif
Ramsey, Lea B, 115 Haywood St, Ashville, N C
Ranagan, Donald C, 3413 Drummond P1, Chicago 47, Ill
Rand, Arthur H, 97 Ash St, Portsmouth, N H
Randolph, Ray S, P O Box 109, Lake Providence, La
Rapp, Wm E, 136 Sherman St, Denver 9, Cole
Rater, Ollie A, Earlham, Ia
Rawski, Geo P, 544 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, N Y
Ray, Richard H, 130 Sycamore St, Waverly, Mass
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Raymond, Clifford E, 3004 Poplar, Kansas City, Mo
Raynes, Waiter A, Winifield, W Va
Rayworth, Frank W Jr, 3723 119th St, Hawthorne, Calif
Reba, Stanley J, 96 Nowell St, Brooklyn, N Y
Rebo, Keith M, Rt 1, Box 144, Allmsville, Ore
Redfearn, Marvin K, 3361 Douglas Ave, Memphis, Tenn
Reader, Thomas K, 1161/2 Haigton St, Columbia, S C
Rees, George E, 1009 Brown St, Dayton, O
Reeves, Jack W, 170 Ashley Ave, Charleston, S C
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Remian, Eugene J, 935 W Main St, Southbridge, Mass
Remington, James E, 1469 Lincoln Ave, Duluth, Minn
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Rendina, Romeo, 4245 W Grand Ave, Detroit 4, Mich
Riniker, Henry F, Miami, Okla
Reynolds, Donald D, Rt 1, Bristol, Cole
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Reynolds, Fred M, 625 Brussel St, Clifton Forge, Va
Rezendes, Frank Jr, 10 Arlington St, E Providence, R I
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Rice, James W, 87 S Oakley Ave, Columbus, O
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Richardson, Chas H, 310 Alexander Dorm, Chapel Hill, N C
Richardson, Donald B, 508 N High St, Franklin, Va
Rinhard, Edward W, 50-30 IOlst St, Corona Queens, N Y
Richardson, Herbert R, Halton, Ky
Richardson, John H, Rt 1, Dayton, Ore
Ricketson, Gee, Broxton, Ga
Richie, Leonard A, Rt 3, Concord, N C
Rider, Paul A, 3449 Carrolten Ave, Indianapolis, Ind
Riedl, Ronald V, 14704 Collinson, E Detroit, Mich
Rigerozzi, Dominic, 316 Broadway, Pueblo, Cole
Riley, Edmond L, 620 Mark Twain, Hannibal, Mo
Rippy, Beverly E, Box 430, Visalia, Calif
Risius, Eugene D, 1771 Linden Ave N, N Tonawanda, N Y
Risser, Richard H, 80 Ansdale, Mansfield, O
Ritnour, H M, 2630 Adams Mill Rd NW, Washington, D C
Ritter, George H, 12 99th St, Irvington, N J
Ritter, Leonard V, 9602 E Sprague, Spokane, Wash
Rittman, Paul E, 48 Cambridge Ave, Buffalo 15, N Y
Roach, Donald E, Garrington, N Dak
Roach, Howard H, 915 Halsey St, Hannibal, Mo
Robb, Francis J, 1538 N Oakley Blvd, Chicago 22, Ill
From: patricktrobb@gmail.com
To: flgrube1@aol.com
Sent: 11/6/2011 4:37:41 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Database Update
500th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing, 2nd Lieutenant Robb, Francis J, 1538 N Oakley Blvd, Chicago 22, Ill
Colonel Francis J Robb (USAF, Ret.) passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Coronary Failure at age 82.
Survived by his Wife, Adriana, Sons: Robert (CA), Mark (CA) & Patrick (CO), Daughter: Elena (MO), and Numerous Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren and Great Great Grandchildren.
Adriana now resides with her Daughter, Elena, in Galatin MO.
All the best to you & yours!
Patrick T. Robb

Robb, Roy L, 131-14 220th St, Springfield, L I, N Y
Roberts, Harry J, 4637 Utah St, San Diego, Calif
Robertson, Curtis H, Box 812, Canyon, Tex
Robertson, Kenneth N, 13 Fern St, Osborn, Me
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Rodriquez, Theodore, Bishop, Tex
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Rogers, Carleton W, 1674 Veranada Ave, Altadena, Calif
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Roller, Charles E, 2707 S 6th St, Louisville, Ky
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Ruth, John T, 2206 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, Pa
Ruzanski, Stanley J, 26 Spring St, Newburyport, Me
Ryan, Eugene E, 104 Charleston Ave, Clarksburg, W Va
Ryan, James P, 1717 Soles St, McKeesport, Pa
Ryan, John E, 257 Tanner St, Elizabeth, Pa
Ryan, Thomas W, Rt _1, Meadow Grove, Nebr
Sabel, Peter J, 421 E Woodlawn Ave, Youngstown, O
Salaz, Clyde B, Gen Del, El Cajon, Calif
Salez, Deciderio, P O Box 434, Waelder, Tex
Sale, Burton Jr, 111E Pine St, Altadena, Calif
Sales, Wm W, 237 Ash Ave, Ames, Is
Salladin, John L, 74 Ormsbee Ave, Troctor, Vt
Salminen, Toivo 0, 266 W 7th St, Huntington, L I, N Y
Salomon, Harry L, Jonestown, Miss
Salmon, Joseph F, 12 Andrews St, West Watertown, Mass
Salzenstein, David C, 37774 Carter Ave, Detroit, Mich
Sammons, Charles E, 4726 E Third Ave, Spokane, Wash
Samuels, Harold, 139 N Arlington Ave, East Orange, N J
Sanchez, P A, 728 E 187th Apt 13, Bronx, New York, N Y
Sanders, Geo A, Rt 1, Hammond, W Va
Sanders, John I, Box 164, Greensburg, Ky
Sanders, Thomas E, Box 164, Greensburg, Ky
Sanders, Welter E, 289 E Williams, New London, Conn
Sandusky, Carl R, Pryer, Okla
Santibanez, Parfirio, 814th S 10th St, Temple, Tex
Sasser, Willie 0, 2144 E Liberty St, Savannah, Ga
Saul, Richard T, 1436 Carmen Ave, Chicago 40, Ill
Savage, Joseph M, 306 Encanto Blvd, Phoenix, Ariz
Savage, Thomas P, 608 N George St, Rome, N Y
Scaramuzzino, Samuel J, 532 Weidman St, Lebanon, Pa
Scarpelli, Eugene J, 3617 Honore St, Chicago, Ill
Schaber, Carl L, Rt 1, Box 132, Sherwood, Ore
Schaefer, Wm P, Woods Ct, South Norivalk, Conn
Schaetzel, Robert A, 314 E 25th St, Minneapolis 4, Minn
Schiebel, Danley K, Rt 6 Huntington Rd, Ft Wayne, Ind
Schier, John W, 1436 N 52nd St, Milwaukee 8, Wis
Schierer, Arthur B, 84 Rochester St, Bradford, Ill
Schill, Henry N Jr, 31 Stillman St, San Francisco, Calif
Schiffman, Maurice M, 215 Murdock St, Mingo Junction, O
Schillino, Hugh K, 1463 Grantham St, St Paul, Minn
Schlissler, Earl R, 1507 Shadyside Rd, Baltimore, Md
Schlup, Wm S Jr, Box 71, Hagerman, Ida
Schmider, Donald E, Rt 2, Bothell, Wash
Schmidt, Alvin, Box 364, Floresville, Tex
Schmidt, Robert C, 1051 W Pratt Blvd, Chicago 26, Ill
Schmidt, Welter C, 83 Spruce P1 5, Minneapolis, Ind
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Schroen, John W, 172 Christie Ave, Leonia, N J
Schultz, Willis J, 916 Morris Turnpike, Short Hills, N J
Schulz, Ewald, 13115 Hampshire St, Detroit 13, Mich
Schuo, Roald A, Everest St, Arlington, Calif
Schurmann, Robert E, 2906 Park Blvd, Wildwood, N J
Schwab, Ernest E, 415 24th St, Union City, N J
Schwellenback, Charles B, 4314 E 41st St, Seattle 5, Wash
Schwenk, Robert J, 662 Hews Ave, Norristown, Pa
Sciascia, Oscar J, 4306 8th Ave, Brooklyn 32, N Y
Scolaro, Joe R, 3329 E 119th St, Cleveland, O
Scott, Chester R, Star Route, Vernon, Ky
Seale, James E, 210 Golf St, Sarasota, Fla
Sealy, Raymond J, 733 W 81st, Chicago, Ill
Sears, Joseph L Jr, 523 Patapsco Ave, Raspeburg, Md
Seaver, Owen L, 19 Knox St, Worcester, Mass
Seder, Edwin J, 2226 Chestnut Ave, Wilmette, Ill
Seling, Alfred J, Rt 1, Domondale, Mich
Selleg, Kenneth S, 420 Fillmore St, Hoquiam, Wash
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Setterich, Jack, Box 447, Chatthoochee, Fla
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Shannon, Joseph V, 215 Webster Ave, Providence, R I
Sharp, Frank W, Illmo, Mo
Sharp, Robert E, Tulia, Tex
Shauck, Wm A, 1903 Ruiz St, Houston 2, Tex
Shaw, Arthur J, 7946 Euclid Ave, Chicago, Ill
Shell, Albert, 69 S 8th St, Brooklyn, N Y
Sherrill, Marion J, 303 Houser St, Flat River, Mo
Sherwood, Van C, 153 College Ave, Factoryville, Pa
Shew, Marion M, Box 457, Sun Prairie, Wis
Sheoel, Michael, 228 Main St, Aliquippa, Pa
Shoemaker, Louis G, Lawton, Is
Shorey, Willard F, 111 Storrs Ave, Braintree 84, Mass
Short, Frank C, 1 Barnard Ave, La Grange, Ga
Shortell, Wm J, 611Meadow St % Mrs Perkins, Roselle, N J
Shotzberger, Robert R, 6 N Addison St, Richmond 20, Va
Shuffler, Harry J, 1050 Chatford Rd, S Jacksonville, Fla
Shulman, Ralph, 1764 Walton Ave, Bronx, New York, N Y
Shupak, Jacob, 2532 S Phillips St, Philadelphia 48, Pa
Shupe, Eldon E Jr, 2818 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, Calif
Shupe, Raymond W, Box 221, Sloan, Is
Shurtleff, Wm H, Rt 3 Box 402, Ogden, Utah
Shutt, Rodman W, 142 Jericho Manor, Jenkintown, Pa
Sichel, Stanley M, 9 Van Siclen Ave, Floral Park, N Y
Sider, Joseph, 4100 W Cirmak Rd, Chicago, Ill
Siegle, David J, 3502 Hull Ave, New York, N Y
Siers, Henry C, 4409 W Deming P1, Chicago, Ill
Silver, Jerome, 110 Shore Blvd, Brooklyn 29, N Y
Silverman. Sidney, 10 Sumner St, Derby, Conn
Simcox, Marshall E, Riverton, Utah
Simmermon, Wm M, Anderson, Ind
Simmons, C M Jr, 1202 Staunton Ave NW, Roanoke 17, Va
Simmons, Leland K, Barnard, Kans
Simonson, Fred A, Rt 1, Astoria, Ore
Sims, Charles E, 107 Kaskaskia, Paola, Kans
Singley, Bryce M, Bountiful, Utah
Sinitiere, Warren J, 211 W Texas Ave, Goose Creek, Tex
Sizemore, Frank O, Enterprise, Ore
Skeels, Herbert E, 1120 18th Ave, Seattle 22, Wash
Skeley, Lawrence G, 121 Elizabeth P1, San Antonio, Tex
Skinner, James D, 2866 "I" St, San Bernardino, Calif
Skipper, Clifton C, Rt 5, Cullman, Ala
Slagle, Frank, Eureka, Utah
Slivinski, Anthoney F, 1408 S Maine Ave, Scranton, Pa
Sloan, Wallace I, 5902 Harrisburg, Houston, Tex
Slocum, Donald C, 68 9th St, Providence, R I
Smader, Charles L, 1902 Hamilton, Racine, Wis
Small, Wm V, 19 85th Ave W, Duluth 8, Minn
Smaltz, Virgil H, Box 734, Weirton, W Va
Smedley, Jack F, 476 E Market St, Marietta, Pa
Smidt, Joseph W, 156 Brown St, Hartford 6, Conn
Smith, Bert E, Laddonia, Mo
Smith, Billie J, Rt 1, Box 46, Crockett, Tex
Smith, Charles J, 7 Roselawn Ave, Elsmere, Del
Smith, Charles H, Gen Del, Westville, Okla
Smith, Charles T, Box 3, Balfour, N C
Smith, Clifford B, 820 W Coates, Moberly, Mo
Smith, Donald F, 207 Couper St, Jackson, Mich
Smith, Edmund G, 4504 Laclede Ave, St Louis, Mo
Smith, Erwin C, Box 271, Cromwell, Minn
Smith, Estle B, Rt 2 Box 213, Middlesboro, Ky
Smith, Frank W, 8048 Wetherby, Detroit 4, Mich
Smith, Gay R, % Box 465, Handley, Tex
Smith, James O, Rt 4 Box 288, Bessemer, Ala
Smith, Jerrold J, 2134 Hillcrest Dr, Redwood City, Calif
Smith, John H M, 116 Wolfe St, Alexandria, Va
Smith, Kenneth B, Rock Home Lane, Cohasset, Mass
Smith, Melvin V, 2419 N Garrison P1, Tulsa 6, Okla
Smith, Milton W, 1728 47th St, Des Moines, Ia
Smith, Nathan T, 1117 N Church St, Rockford, Ill
Smith, Paul E, Rt 2, Waterford, Pa
Smith, Ralph E, 1314 N 55th St, Milwaukee 15, Wis
Smith, Raymond H, 231 Lout St, Salinas, Calif
Smith, Richard M, 7626 S Main St, Los Angeles, Calif
Smith, Robert A, Gen Del, LaVerne, Is
Smith, Robert E, Rt 3 Box 140, Reidsville, N C
Smith, Robert W, 872 Liberty St, Meadville, Pa
Smith, Sydney F, 819 Main St, Russell, Kans
Smith, Sylvester F, Rt 2 Box 256, Sioux Falls, S Dak
Smith, Warren J, 201 Church St S, Williamsport, Pa
Smith, William S, Rt 1, Owenton, Ky
Smolenski, John R, 2711 Parkwood, East Ann Arbor, Mich
Smoot, John D, 5980 Townsend, Detroit, Mich
Smyth, William, 2529 Brown St, Flint, Mich
Snider, R H, 837 E Devonshire St, Winston-Salem, N C
Snyder, Leo R, 141/2 Sherman Ave, Washington, Pa
Sobeck, Francis D, 1110 So Greenway Dr, Coral Gables, Fla
Sochanski, Valentine B, 1125 3rd St, N Catasauqua, Pa
Sokoly, Steve, Rt Box 33, Clymer, Pa
Soligo, Anthony, 711 Washington Ave, Wilmington, Del
Sollock, Robert E, Rule, Tex
Sommer, Donald H, 18954 Strowborg, Detroit, Mich
Sonne, Clarence M Jr, 117 E Walnut St, Titusville, Pa
Sorenson, Rancel V, Pleasant Grove, Utah
Soulard, Gerard E, 46 W 3rd St, Lowell, Mass
Southard, Leroy J, 1029 N Grant Ave, Springfield, Mo
Spadalik, Arthur W, 1819 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, N Y
Spangle, K L, Rt 2 Box 686, Forestville, Calif
Spangler, Robert K, 1237 King St, Avon, Pa
Spaulding, Phillip H, 7505 Stoney Island Ave, Chicago, Ill
Spears, Denver, Box 522, Morton, Va
Speck, Robert L, Frenchman's Bayou, Ariz
Spence, John E, 915 W 15th Ave, Corsicana, Tex
Spencer, John P, 319 Winona Ave, Montgomery, Ala
Spenninger, Wm R, 177-24 Baisley Blvd, St Albany, N Y
Sperry, Orren R, 505 Glen St, Glenn Falls, N Y
Spicer, Robert J, 4101 Smith St, Cleveland, O
Spils, Robert L, Tekon, Wash
Spina, John, 526 N Simpson St, Philadelphia, Pa
Spitz, Amold, 525 Myrtle Ave, Modesto, Calif
Sprague, Frank Jr, Rt 4, Westfield, Pa
Spriet, Julins A, 424 Richard St, Oglesby, Ill
Sprister, Raymond H, 112 W IOth St, Kaukauna, Wis
Spooner, Everett W, Main St, Salisbury, Mass
Spooner, Russel, 546 W Main St, E Palestine, O
Squire, Albert N, 3818 N 15th, Philadelphia, Pa
Stacy, Delma R, Rt 2, Lubbock, Tex
Stacy, Wm W, 668 Franklin Ave, Astoria, Ore
Stafford, James M, 4704 Ross Ave, Dallas, Tex
Stai, Robert H, 207-15 South St, Cloud, Minn
Stalee, Wm D, 124 N 13th St, Newark 7, N J
Staller, Merrill W, Rt 1, Twelve Mile, Ind
Staley, Charles W, Rt 1, Liberty, N C
Stanberry, Robert J, Rt 1, Grant Rd, Conneaut, O
Standen, Wm G, 454 10th St, Idaho Falls, Ida
Standridge, Henry H, Star Route, Stephenville, Tex
Stanger, Leslie, 1822 S Broad St, Trenton, N J
Stanley, Elmer E, Rt 2, Wilson, Okla
Stanley, Herman D, Willis, Va
Stanley, Robert A, 1602 S Washington St, Marion, Ind
Stanfield, James M Jr, Box 38, Tuskegee, Ala
Stankus, Waiter J, 300 W Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia, Pa
Stapf, Raymond R, 2319 7th St, Ironton, O
Stapleton, John E, 225 67th St, Brooklyn 20, N Y
Starnes, Wm F, Box 1072, Gladewater, Tex
Staskiewicz, Vincent T, 3433 Butler St, Pittsburgh, Pa
Stayton, D T Jr, 701 Peters St, Dalhart, Tex
Steel, Hamilton, 44 Oak St, River Rouge 18, Mich
Steele, Harold A Jr, 24 Revere Ave, Lynn, Mass
Steelman, Billie, 407 Travis Ave, Wichita, Tex
Steves, Elmo C, 18 Davis St, Webster, Mass
Stefaniak, Stanley, 22770 Oakwood Ave, Detroit, Mich
Stephenson, Edger G, 300 16th Ave, San Francisco, Calif
Stephenson, Welter H, Box 177, Martin, Tenn
Stevens, Dale T, Rt 2, Tolono, Ill
Stevens, Floyd E, Box 53, Leicester, N Y
Stevens, Francis J, Roma City, Ind
Stevens, Marion R, Rt 1 Box 30, Norfolk 2, Va
Stevenson, Fred C, Rt 2 Box 41, Arvada, Cole
Stenstrom, Lawrence E, 5482 S University Ave, Chicago, Ill
Stewart, Anthony E, 13 E Andrea Terrace, Utica, N Y
Stewart, James B, 117 Erving P1, Draper, N C
Stewart, John N, 440 45th St, Oakland, Calif
Stewart, Wm A, LaVelle, Pa
Sticker, Fred B, 1706 Oak, Hays, Kans
Stiever, Francis W, Wabasha, Minn
Still, Samuel C, Hohnholze Ranch, Jelm, Wyo
Stimus, Isaac J, 1320 De Wo Ave, Rochester, N Y
Stodart, Francis B, Madora, Pa
Stoker, Daniel B, Rt 1, Kensington, Ga
Stoltman, Eugene P, 1950 N Damen Ave, Chicago 47, Ill
Stonehouse, Allan S Jr, 2535 Flushing Rd, Flint, Mich
Stonesifer, Arthur M, Rt 1, Westminster, Mo
Stoughton, Robert 0, 1028 E 93rd St, Brooklyn 12, N Y
Strachan, Edward G, Stetson Rd, Norwell, Mass
Strain, Foster J, Star Route, Broken Bow, Okla
Strauf, Lloyd A, 807 E Miner Ave, Ladysmith, Wis
Strauss, Daniel J, 11527 Morrison St, N Hollywood, Calif
Strong, Robert J, 66 Rose Ave, Harrison, N Y
Stroub, Gordon Jr, 9141/2 N 4th St, Watertown, Wis
Struble, Ed S, 1250 W Minnehoha Pky, Minneapolis, Minn
Stuard, Lawrence M, 3085 Polk Ave, San Diego 4, Calif
Stubbs, Dean G, 10764 Westminister Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Stultz, Sammie M, 705 Staley St, Burlington, N C
Stull, Richard D, 514 W Sugar St, Mt Vernon, O
Stultz, Harry I, 1820 Powers Rd, Roanoke, Va
Stump, Lee K, 3511 Locust St, Kansas City, Mo
Stumpf, Wm A, 197 E 4th; Brookville, Ind
Suchy, Emil, 4754 Jefferson St, Bellano, O
Sulick, Edward J, 629 S 22nd St, Columbus, O
Sullivan, James S, 112 Garcia Ave, San Leandro, Calif
Sullivan, Richard D, 1038 East Ave, Coronado, Calif
Sullivan, Robert E, 60 Austin St, Chicopie, Mass
Sulser, Willis B, 1230 Bittle St, Boloit, Wis
Supinski, Theodore F, N Bloomfield, O
Surette, Richard B, 11 Temple St, Reading, Mass
Sutterby, Mark A, 3222 Oakland, Wichita 8, Kans
Suttles, Charles S, 2118 Pittsburg Ave, Minneapolis, Minn
Sutton, Byron M, 2308 15th St, Sacramento 14, Calif
Sutton, Harold C, Rt 3, Rock Hill, S C
Suydam, Charles A, 4002 Penn Ave S E, Washington, D C
Svoboda, Elvin, Rt 3, Shiner, Tex
Swarts, Paul S, 24 Main St, Towanda, Pa
Swearingen, Donald H, Neponset, Ill
Swearingin, Otis P, Rt 7 Box 832, Bessemer, Ala
Sweeney, John J, 2807 Annin St, Philadelphia, Pa
Sweetland, James G, 1712 Linden St, Brooklyn 27, N Y
Swift, Clyde E, Rt 1, Edon College, N C
Swindall, Daniel F, 1713 Nabers St, Vernon, Tex
Swinford, Orville H, Belleview, Mo
Swinford, Reginald K, 1211 Racine St, Racine, Wis
Swisher, John W, 7412 Rutledge Ave, Cleveland, O
Synder, Donald V, 26 Spanagle Ave, Lewiston, Pa
Sylvan, Seymour, 148 44 89 Ave, Jamaica 3, N Y
Szcepkowski, Paul C, 3245 S 7th St, Milwaukee, Wis
Szwares, Bruno J, 111 E 26th St, New York, N Y
Tackett, Cecil E, Rt 3, Parsons, Kans
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Talley, Virgil H, 1819 N Purdum St, Kokomo, Ind
Tamez, Manuel, 2022 Monterrey St, San Antonio, Tex
Tammen, Harry A, 3822 47th St, Sacramento, Calif
Tannahill, Clarence Albert, 2420 18th St, Great Bend, Kans
Taravella, Vincent, 401 Lafayette St, Gretna, Is
Taschinner, Carl B, 4876 Bossic Ave, St Louis, Mo
Tasem, Bernard E, 126 E Anaheim Blvd, Wilmington, Calif
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Tate, Gale M, Larolo, Mo
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Taylor, Roy E, 5107 Waveland Ave, Chicago, Ill
Teer, Joseph M, Rt 2, Graham, N C
Tellson, James R, 263 Kingsland Terrace, S Orange, N J
Tennant, Rancel F, Rt 4, Ravenna, O
Terhaar, Richard C, 27 Howard Ave, Williamsville, N Y
Terry, Wm W, 2306 Adams St, Two Rivers, Wis
Tesch, Siegfried E, 803 Pleasant, Oeany, Ia
Thaden, LaVern A, Pleasanton, Nebr
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Thomason, Harold G, Rt 1 Box 111, Princeton, W Va
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Thompson, Donald W, Nyack, N Y
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Thompson, Johnnie L, 2929 Crockett St, Ft Worth, Tex
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Thompson, Miles F, 339 E Bruce Ave, Dayton, O
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Thorsen, Jack S, 1302 Grand Ave, Racine, Wi
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Thurow, Donald R, 419 S East Ave, Aurora, Ill
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Tice, Gaston, Rt 2, Hamilton, Ala
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Tinsley, Albert Jr, Box 129, Memphis, Tex
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Toth, Elmer C, 307 W 28th St, Lorainy, O
Towner, Harold E, 1864 Wordsworth Ave, St Paul 2, Minn
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Trier, Paul J, Milwaukee Co Gen Hosp, Milwaukee, Wis
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Trotter, Wm A, 509 Lyon Hall Cornell Univ, Ithaca, N Y
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Tucker, John F, Rt 1 Box 492, Greensboro, N C
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Underwood, Allyn J, 608 Mass St, Lawrence, Kans
Underwood, Olen F, 2134 Dana St, Toledo 9,
Underkofler, Thomas J, 306 E 126th St, New York 35, N Y
Unger, George, 2265 Hollingshead, Merchanhrille, N
Urubek, Jerry, Rural Route, Temple, Tex
Usher, Robert E, Martin, S Dak
Ussery, John E, Box 264, Wright City, Okla
Vaccaro, Patrick F, 17 S Forrest Ave, Youngstown 6, O
Vail, Benjamin A, 26 7th St, Wheeling, W Va
Valler, Henry A, 7050 Lexington Ave, Detroit, Mich
Vallone, Anthony, 1931 Griffin Ave, Los Angeles, Calif
Van Briesen, Frank, Rook Rapids, I
Van De Ven, Clayton J, 926 6th St, W Depere, Wis
Van DeVander, Arlie C, Riverton, W Va
Vandewater, Elmer, 45 Unite Ave, Newark, N J
Van Pelt, Donald Ellison, 204 Chestnut St, Glenwood, Is
Van Tright, John R, 6101 Afton P1, Hollywood 28, Calif
Van Vlasselaer, A J, 1405 E Bowmen St, South Bend, Ind
Van Zandt, Wm H, 172 Del Monte St, San Francisco, Calif
Varga, Desso, 25 29 34th St, Long Island City, N Y
Varner, Leland D, 43 Monroe Ave, Newark, O
Vasuta, Joseph, 8 Hutchinson Ave, Canonsburg, Pa
Vaughn, Dallas E, 120 N Lebanon St, Lebanon, Ind
Vaughn, Robert C, 1944 E 70th St, Cleveland 3, O
Vaughn, Willie E Jr, 1002 Welch Ave, Denton, Tex
Vequist, Marvin D, O'Neill, Nebr
Versluis, Robert E, 57 Auburn Ave SE, Grand Rapids, Mich
Vickers, Roth E, 4 Deleware Ave, Charleston, W V
Vint, Keith P, 840 North Avon, Burbank, Calif
Vinzant, John W, Augusta, Ark
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Vogeley, A J Jr, 18 Dartmouth St, Valley Stream, L I, N Y
Volpe, Michael D, 3223 N Lawndale Ave, Chicago, Ill
Von Gueland, Ralph B, 209 3rd St S W, Washington, D C
Von Guerard, Ralph B, 209 3rd St S E, Washington, D C
Von Leer, Lemuel B Jr, 212 Florida Ave, Shenandoah, Pa
Von Schlieder, T R, 236 Passaic St, Hackensack, N J
Wacholtz, Claude E, 3348 40th St, Sacramento 17, Calif
Waddle, James E, 669 S Detroit St, Xenia, O
Waggoner, George H, 3709 Marshall St, Dallas, Tex
Wagner, Lewis F, Box 628, Leechburg, Pa
Wahl, Henry W, Star Route, Barren, Wis
Wahl, Robert H, Larchwood, Ia
Wahlstrom, Warner F, 15829 Stoopel Ave, Detroit, Mich
Wahnert, Roy A, 1909 W Adams, Chicago, Ill
Waitt, Rayburn H, 1504 S Spring Ave, Sioux Falls, S Dak
Walbert, M Martin, 1316 S Chapin St, South Bend, Ind
Weller, Rufus M, Ingram St, London, Pa
Walker, Chas T Jr, 84 Vanderbilt Ave, Manhassett, L I, N Y
Walker, Dale L, 2204 Oakley, Kansas City, Mo
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Walker, Henry R, Guthrie, Ky
Walker, Lawrence G, 940 Prospect P1, Ashland, Ky
Walker, Lloyd C, 312 Columbia Ave, Lawton, Okla
Walker, L K, 2740 N W 16th St, Oklahoma City, Okla
Walker, R D, 116 N W 27th St, Oklahoma City, Okla
Wallace, Floyd C, 1609 Linden, Des Moines, Ia
Wallace, Robert B, 27 Ilth St, NE Atlanta, Ga
Wallenstein, Edger, 310 W 72nd St, New York, N Y
Wallace, Wm B, 7923 S Elizabeth St, Chicago 20, Ill
Wallenstein, Edgar, 310 W 72nd St, New York, N Y
Waller, W F, Rt 1, Box 236, Tigard, Ore
Wallower, Wm B, Glendora, Evergreen, Cole
Welters, Ben D Jr, 1318 E Centre St, Mahoney, Pa
Waiters, Robert, Rt 1, Hallidaysburg, Pa
Walton, Jack T, Spring Valley 55, O
Wammack, Luther L, Rt 1, Walnut, Miss
Ward, Wm E, 118 Charles St, Boston, Mass
Wardell, E R, Gen'l Elec Co 2227 Concor, Schenectady, NY
Ware, Edward M, Box 566, Williamsburg, Va
Warezar, William Jr, 35 Del Monte Dr, Houston, Tex
Warmbrod, James G, Belvidere, Tenn
Warren, Clyde W, 2836 Accomac St, St Louis 4, Mo
Warren, Elwood B, Box 573, Grant, Tex
Washburn, Dale W, 50 Elton St, Ecorse, Mich
Washburn, Frank C, 833 E 88th P1, Chicago 19, Ill
Wasner, Archie, Rt 3, Owantenna, Minn
Waugh, Kenneth F, Marsh Hill, Pa
Way, Lyle A, 1603 N 23rd St, Lincoln 3, Nebr
Weaver, Ralph E, 350 Springfield St, Dayton 3, O
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Weber, Charles, 902 William Ave, Hoboken, N J
Weber, Donald M, Rt 1, Glassford, Ill
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Weber, Harry G, 24015 Mayda Rd, Rosedale, L I, N Y
Weber, Joseph H, 15434 Vaughan, Detroit 23, Mich
Weber, Leo C, 1519 S 6th St, Ironton, O
Weber, Robert I, Hoffman Rt, Livingston, Mont
Weber, Vernon F, 503 N Edwardsville St, Staunton, Ill
Weeks, Thomas K, Station A, Redford, Va
Weigand, Charles J, 131 24 137th St S Ozone Pk 20, L I, N Y
Weimer, Vernon W, Rt 9 Box 900, Houston, Tex
Weinstein, Marvin R, 215 E Culver, Phoenix, Ariz
Weir, Thomas D Jr, 1047 Whitcomb St, Indianapolis, Ind
Weirich, Robert A, 722 East St, Baraboo, Wis
Weiss, George, 1240 Lithgow St, Philadelphia, Pa
Weiss, Lee, 3314 E 146th St, Cleveland 20, O
Weksler, Wilbur S, 3910 Garrison Ave, Baltimore, Md
Welch, Jim T, 212 W 21st St, Hays, Kans
Welch, John S, 1809 S Hull St, Montgomery, Ala
Weliman, Welter E, 204 Curtiss Hall, Granville, O
Wells, Roy O, Rt 1, Alicel, Ore
Wellsfry, Frank S, Rt 1 Box 274, Paradise, Calif
Welsh, Frank R, 21Emerson St, New Rochelle, N Y
Welsh, Thomas C, 24 Lee Ave, Trenton, N J
Welty, Wm A, Boys Ind School, Lancaster, O
Wenstrand, J E, Box 33 State Capital Blvd, Lincoln, Nebr
Werner, Marshall B, 175 Ave "O," Brooklyn, N Y
Wescott, Ralph M, Keyes Fibre Co, Waterville, Me
West, Willard J, Rt 1, Spanish Fork, Utah
Westmoreland, Alton E, 924 France St, Baton Rouge, La
Wetter, Robert B, 2718 N 39th St, Milwaukee, Wis
Wharton, Irwin H, 183168th St, Brooklyn, N Y
Wheeler, Paul L, 90 N Buchmarsh St, Berrysville, Va
Wheeler, Wm J, 1900 20th St, Parkersburg, W Va
Whipple, Richard P, 37 Wall St, Wellesley 81, Mass
Whitaker, Max E, 511 S 24th St, Terre Haute, Ind
White, Ben B, 1718 Hancock St, Wilmington 35, Del
White, Edward A, Box 3, Dwight, Ill
White, Ethredge W, Rt 6, Tifton, Ga
White, James M, Box 130 Rt 1, Texico, N Mex
White, Joseph L, 235 Washington St, Roanoke Rapids, N C
White, Ralph R, % Mrs Alex 1 D T, Sutton, Nebr
White, Robert D, 421 Bellevue Ave, Wayne, Pa
White, Thomas B, Jr, Rt 1 Box 128, Camden, S C
Whitehouse, Frank Jr, 815 W Forest Ave, Ypsilanti, Mich
Whiting, M E, % Mt States T & T Co, Grand Junction, Cole
Whitley, Henry, Rt 2, Kenton, Tenn
Whitten, Louis G, Rt 3, Paris, Te
Wichman, Edwin R, 2904 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati 25, O
Wides, Theodore, 3651 Harvey Rd, Cleveland Hts 18, O
Wiegard, Roy E, Motor Rt 1 Box 100, New Kensington, Pa
Wilcox, Clyde H, 3655 Kurtz St, San Diego, Cali
Wilcox, James H, 1570 Berkeley Ave, Petersburg, Va
Wilkinson, Robert S, Watertown, N Y
Williams, Ben H, 606 W "G" St, Elizabethton, Ten
Williams, Carl C Jr, Box 521, Ruston, La
Williams, Carl G, Rt 1, Fulton, Mis
Williams, Earl R, 6217 Kenwood Ave, Chicago 37, I11
Williams, Elmer H Jr, P O Box 445, Livingston, Calif
Williams, Gordon E, Rt 2, Queen City, Te
Williams, Howard E, Box 175, Bassett, Neb
Williamson, B K, 716 Temple Hill Dr, Laguna Beach, Calif
Williams, Lawrence, 1208 Western Ave, Lampasas, Tex
Williamson, Waiter D, 2908 Carpenter St, Dallas, T
Willey, Hemon M, Rt 3, Vergennes, Vt
Willis, Alden E, Box 483, Encinitas, Calif
Willis, Alvah J Jr, 608 E Carthage St, Mexica, Tex
Willis, David E, 1402 Caldwell Ave, Nashville 4, Tenn
Willis, Roland E, 858 Ferry St, Flint, Mich
Willis, Waiter G, Dupont Rd, Carneys Point, N J
Wilner, Burton L, 114 Elizabeth Ave, Banger, Me
Wilson, Calvin Jr, Kilby Reservation, Montgomery, Ala
Wilson, Curtis W, 345 University Blvd, Denver 6, Cole
Wilson. Donald G, Madison Ave, Fainesville, O
Wilson, Frank G, 524 Steubenville Ave, Cambridge, O
Wilson, John G Jr, 2420 10th St, Port Huron, Mich
Wilson, John L, 1705 Bush Ave, Alexandria, L
Wilson, Melvin O, Lock Box 6, Atlanta, Tex
Wilson, Robert W, Box 87, Irvine, Pa
Wilson, Wm D, Rt 2 Box 44, Union, Miss
Winch, Fred J Jr, 1434 W 65th P1, Los Angeles, Calif
Winch, Norman C, Box 215, Angola, N Y
Winchell, Robert B, Winn, Burlington, Mass
Wing, Richard C, 1072 Washington St, Santa Clara, Calif
Wink, Gee, 25-85 41st St, Long Island City, N Y
Winslow, James W, 351 Western Ave, Brookville, Pa
Wirth, Theodore J, 421 9th St, Carlstadt, N J
Witters, Harrison J, 2705 Smithville Rd, Dayton 10, O
Witton, Benjamin B, 174 Roselte St, New Haven, Con
Wittwer, Robert J, 111 Bellerive Blvd, St Louis 11, Mo
Wajtowich, Edward, 230 Knox Ave, Monessen, Pa
Wolbers, Harold J, 1946 Jones St, Kalamazoo, Mich
Wolcott, Robert G, 1538 22nd Ave, San Francisco, Calif
Wolcott, Robert E, 590 Blair Ave, Piedmont, Calif
Wolf, Elias S Sr, Box 647, Jacksonville, Ark
Wolfe, Robert, 300 Bullitt Ave, Jeannette, P
Wolosen, Gee, Rt 4, Spartansburg, Pa
Welter, Lester R, 409 May St, Marshalltown, I
Wood, Joseph T, 1407 Homan, Fort Worth, Tex
Wood, Geo C Jr, 11 York Ave, Dayton 3, O
Wood, Lawrence J, 7024 Lancaster St, N Charleston, S
Wood, Richard G, 3 Madison St, Haverhill, Mass
Wood, Wm C, 1933 E Orleans St, Philadelphia 34, Pa
Woodford, Spurgean 0, 627 Canton St, Harrisburg, Pa
Woodhuff, Loll G, Box 882, Wheeler, Te
Woodie, Darrell L, 1544 La Zelle St, Sturgis, S Da
Woodring, Duane L, 1335 N Lewis, Tulsa, Okla
Woodward, Albert E Jr, Box 831, Borger, Tex
Woody, David, C, 723 Lewis Ave, Kansas City 3, Mo
Wool, Robert B, 67 E Plumstead Ave, Lansdowne, Pa
Woolf, Dick, Box 781, Menard, Tex
Wortovich, Alex, Storey St Box 87, Forge Village, Mass
Wozniak, Stanley W, 130 Lake View Ave, Syracuse 4, N Y
Wride, Wrn, J, Rt 1, Farmington, Wash
Wright, Wm A, Rt I Box 97, Chester, W Va
Wright, Wm C, 215 N Ellsworth St, Naperville, Ill
Wright, Wm M, P O 850, El Reno, Okla
Wulfing, Hugh R, 2628 West View St, Los Angeles 16, Calif
Wymer, Lee R, Box 163, Amoret, Mo
Wynne, Conrad J, 3344 N Kildare, Chicago, Ill
Wysel, Alva Jr, 130 Rhoda Ave, Youngstown, O
Wysomski, Richard R, 1713 Bernice St, Schenectady 7, N Y
Yager, Martin F, 806 E 3rd St, McCook, Nebr
Yevuta, John, Hooverson Heights, Follansbee, W Va
Yonsavage, John Y, 1189 Broad St, Newark, N Y
Young, Clifford L, Box 5830 Univ Station, Baton Rouge, La
Young, Earl, 212 Grady St, Thomasville, Ga
Young, Horace E Jr, Box 391, Deystone, W Va
Young, Paul F, 2404 N Kilbourn Ave, Chicago 39, Ill
Yung, Russell L, 118 Lincoln, Russell, Fans
Zacharias, Welter C, R 3, McGregor, Tex
Zak, Stanley J, 536 Jnd Ave, Jessup, Pa
Zappia, Nunzio, J, 318 DuBois, DuBois, Pa
Zarriolli, Sullivan J, Wayne Ave, W Haverstraw, N Y
Zasimovich, Antonio, 935 E Main St, Waterbury, Conn
Zeller, Merwin W, 1325 W Hillsdale St, Lansing, Mich
Zemont, Alex J, 4538 S Calif Ave, Chicago 8, Ill
Zetterstrom, Charles W, 96 Passaic Ave, Belleville 9, N J
Ziesomor, Glenn W, 1030 N Hickory St, Joliet, Ill
Zimmer, Levi L, Beaver Crossing, Nebr
Zimmerman, Charles F, Box 771 M, Sharpsburg, Pa
Zimmerman, Donald H, 329 S Wall St, Kingston, N Y
Zimmerman, Henry A, Box A, Holsopple, Pa
Zimmerman, Neal J, 130 Athens Pike, Etowan, Tenn
Zipperer, Leon A, 203 Coastal Highway, Port Wentworth, Ga
Zlotnik, Seymour, 4919 N Spaulding Ave, Chicago 25, Ill
Zmuda, Aloysius S, 62 Franklin St, Lackawanna, N Y
Zomout, Alex J, 2300 S Leavitt St, Chicago 8, Il
Zucchini, Frank, 1649 Hering Ave, Bronx, N Y
Zumwalt, Cecil R, G D, Mt Olive, Ill
Zura, Frederick J, Rolette, N Dak
Zybowski, Adams F, 29th St Box 12, Capioque, L I, N Y


Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following agencies and individuals for their cooperation in supplying photographs: War Department and U S Army Air Forces Bureaus of Public Relations,
73rd Bomb Wing Photo Lab and Public Relations Sections, Iscom Signal Corps, U S Marine Corps Public Relations Division, LIFE, AIR FORCE and BRIEF magazines, Boeing Aircraft Company, Irving E Chase, Louis Erisman, Robert Blankenburg, Laverne and Lavon Davis, Lyman Perkins, Allen B McKell, Paul Trier, Robert Goldsworthy, Richard E Hale, Ferd Curtis, Maxwell Julian and Phil Oliver.

Thanks to the many former 500th Bomb Group men, particularly Colonel John E Dougherty, Lt Colonel Herbert Adamson, Major Ralph B Maust and Lieutenant Leonard W Anderson, group historical officer, who have assisted in the collection and preparation of material used.