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Federal Art Project


In 1935 Douglass Ewell Parshall was appointed Santa Barbara District Supervisor of the New Deal’s Federal Art Project. He was known for his work on landscape, portrait, horse, and marine paintings. Under his direction, some 25 to 30 local artists earned $77 a month to produce murals and other works of art for public buildings and schools. Parshall estimated that more than 60 schools were graced with art from this program. His own near-life-sized mural in the library at Santa Barbara Junior High School depicts seven track-and-field athletes. Five additional paintings by Parshall are located on the 4th floor of the County Administration Building on Anapamu Street.


Artist Helen M. Seegert was commissioned to execute the carved mural located in the Main Foyer outside the auditorium. Several Federal Art Project supervisors reported visiting Helen Seegert's work on a fountain at La Purisima Mission.


Artist David Swanson did the wood carved mural over the fireplace in the second floor clubroom.  He carved a large walnut exhibit that is displayed in the Board Room of Santa Ynez High School.


The Federal Art Project employed artists on relief while maintaining a small number of non-relief artists for supervisory positions. An eligibility process was organized whereby the artists interested in participating would apply to a panel of their peers. They first had to prove they were in financial need.Then the artists would submit their work with any publicity, resume or exhibition records that they had. On the basis of the artists training, experience, and ability, the artists then received assignments. They were expected to produce one major piece within a specified number of weeks or to work a certain number of days on a mural or architectural sculpture project.

Donations are requested. Since the Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building Foundation consists of all volunteers and does not incur any Administrative Expenses, all donations are used for the restoration and preservation of the Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building.