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Alice Milligan, President LVMBF
Joni Gray, former 4th District Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Joni Gray, former 4th District County Supervisor appointed Alice Milligan, in the summer of 2008, to chair a restoration committee consisting of community residents and veterans with the objective to contribute to the historic preservation, conservation, and educational legacy of the Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building and the veterans in the Lompoc Valley. The Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building Foundation, heretofore referred to as LVMBF, partners with General Services Division of the Santa Barbara County Government in the execution of this mission. The LVMBF is a 501(c)3 Foundation number 26-3087667. The Foundation does not incur debt and has no operating expenses. The officers and members are volunteers serving without salary or personal benefit. Project funding is dependent upon availability of appropriated funds, grant contributions, other organizations support, and personal donations. Completed projects include the tile re-roofing; auditorium projects including the historical restoration of the windows, overhead lights, and acoustical treatment; electrical wiring project; and the upgrade of the restrooms.


Alice Milligan, President
Ernie Hutchinson, 1st Vice President
Joe McCormick, 2nd Vice President
Frank Grube, Treasurer
Bob Lingl, Member
DeWayne Holmdahl, Member
Susan Lindman, Member
Don Ramirez, Member
Ric Langley, Member
Terry Schrecongost, Member
Benny Aguilar, Member
Adele Vargas, Member
Kathy McCullough, Member

Bob Nisbet, Director of General Services

Bob Nisbet, former Director of General Services, Santa Barbara County Government, received an Honorable Mention Award in the California State Association of Counties 2011 Challenge Awards. Mr. Nisbet's report detailed the successful historic restoration and preservation of the Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building by a committee (now a Foundation) consisting of veterans, civilians and government working together sharing a new vision. In the past three years many exciting changes and developments have occurred.

The Commander of the Lompoc Veterans Council and a LVMBF Vice President was quoted,It is unbelievable what has transpired since we began.

Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building Foundation is located at 100 East Locust Avenue, Lompoc, Ca. 93436-7845. You can email Frank Grube, Treasurer, at flgrube1@aol.com.



Please call Traci Lothery at (805) 737-7778 or email tlothery@co.santa-barbara.ca.us for information to rent rooms for your event at the historic Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building. 

Donations are requested. Since the Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building Foundation consists of all volunteers and does not incur any Administrative Expenses, all donations are used for the restoration and preservation of the Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building.